Microsoft on New Xbox 360: We're "Not Even Halfway" There

PCWorld: Okay, settle down gossipmongers, Microsoft says all this talk about an upgraded Xbox 360 is not only wrong, it's missing the point. There won't be an upgraded Xbox 360 next year, and in fact, we're only halfway through the current console cycle. What's more, Project Natal, the company's no-controller 3D motion and voice recognition technology is being designed for the existing Xbox 360, not an imaginary "performance-upgraded" one.

What we know: Natal will be sold as a standalone peripheral.

Natal will work with, and is being designed explicitly for, existing Xbox 360s.

Microsoft has no plans to alter or retool its existing platform circuitry. Aside from conventional manufacturing enhancements like thermal and spatial improvements--all invisible to consumers--the company plans to sell the same Xbox 360 it's been selling since late 2005 through Natal's launch in...whenever.

What we don't know:

We don't know when Natal will launch, though we can speculate about a general 2010 timeframe given the fact that Ballmer pegged 2010 as Natal's shelf date. Also: Sony has stated its PlayStation Motion Control peripheral will ship in 2010, so there's the competitive market incentive to consider as well.

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William Wallace3802d ago

We all know they are trying to hide the new Xbox coming next year. They don't want theirs currents sales to get affected. If we find out about a new Xbox then no one will buy this one.

Bnet3433802d ago

Beating a dead horse ... How many times do we have to approve the same type of articles until it enters the brains of the idiots on this site? They said there isn't a new Xbox coming out like a week ago. Believe them or not is up to you, but stop approving this.

Dark-vash3802d ago

Natal!! ( christmas in portuguese :P)

Probably during the holidays season...

darthv723802d ago

a revised 360 is being worked on. Basically the usual shrinkage of components as they get better production yields. 360 slim has been a rumor for as long (maybe longer) than a ps3 slim. Seems more promising that a slim 360 will be released later in the year (possibly revealed at tgs).

A few rumors about the slim 360 (prospected name) is internalizing of the hdd making it unable to upgrade the usual way. Thus leaving the option to increase hdd size unavailable. A slimmer slot load design (could be top loading like ps2 slim), less bulky power brick as the power requirements will also have dropped. A new custom video connector that incorporates hdmi 1.2(maybe 1.3) , and component/composite in a single connector. The removal of the mem card slots and inclusion of 256/512mb for gamertag profile storage as well as other system software requirements (netflix, facebook/twitter profiles) so they dont use hdd space.

Another rumor I really hope is true is the rebranding of the arcade to include the 20gb hdd. MS had a stockpile of them when they opt to bring out the 60gb pro sku. They may as well put them to use while keeping the price down to $179-199.

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Anon19743802d ago (Edited 3802d ago )

So? That didn't stop you from releasing the 360.

Bnet3433802d ago

Use your brain man, Xbox 1 was a massive failure in which cost the company billions, that's why it's life was cut early. 360 is a success is terms of sales and popularity to some degree, they aren't going to stop now.

IdleLeeSiuLung3802d ago

Why are you bothering responding to deaf ears?

It is simply an excuse to rag on the 360.

Kushan3802d ago

Xbox1 was not a failure. It was never going to be a success. The Xbox1 was designed with one purpose only: To launch MS into the console business and that is exactly what it did.
It was never going to make a profit, it was never going to trounce the PS2, it was only going to make Microsoft a name.
The 360, on the other hand, is the "real" console from MS, they have repeatedly said that the longer you hold onto a console, the more money it will make. Since both Sony and Nintendo aren't releasing a new console any time soon, MS has no reason to, either. The 360 only came "early" because they wanted a head start on the PS3. If the PS3 came out a year later, so would the 360.

Anon19743802d ago

I'm a 360 owner and fan myself (gamertag's DarkrideHex66 - say hi sometime), but there's no denying the 360 launched before it should have. Ease up there. It's not a shot at you.

Pennywise3802d ago (Edited 3802d ago )

Kigmal - Whats wrong with you? A broken, rushed, missing HDMI, console was released... it had a 33%+ Failure rate, and you defend it and try to make darkride look stupid for his joke?

Give it a rest. Darkride is right, joking or not. Unless YOU designed the 360... why take it personal?

locos853802d ago

People take it personal because they don't want to feel stupid for making a purchase.

If you say the 360 is crap then you make people feel stupid for buying crap. People like for other people to like the things they have. We like to be admired.

Anon19743802d ago

Microsoft lied to us, knowing full well there was a problem. When I bought mine, Microsoft was still sticking by their 2-3% lie. I choose to ignore the howls from internet forums complaining about shoddy hardware because who are you going to believe - internet crybabies who are always on about something or the company putting out the product.

I didn't suspect Microsoft to lie about it because I thought the threat of lawsuits would keep them in line. Even when the warranty was exteded to one year and then 3 years, if I had even the most remote idea of how much of a hassle, how much time would be spent on the phone, how often I'd be unable to play my games and how much money it would all end up costing me there's no way I would have ever touched an Xbox 360. I would have been content to continue playing my old Xbox until either the PS3 came out or Microsoft got their act together and fixed the problem.

I don't for a second feel stupid for buying my 360 because I was lied to. Who could have predicted that Microsoft would flat out lie to their consumers and get away with it?

Kushan3802d ago

"and how much money it would all end up costing me"

Uhhh....3 year warranty?

You've changed your argument from "You killed the xbox1 off quickly enough!" to "You released shoddy hardware and cost me money!". It sounds like you're trying (poorly) to troll. Why not do it in the Open Zone where people might care?

Anon19743802d ago (Edited 3802d ago )

When did I argue they killed off the original Xbox? The Xbox launched late in that gen and it was time for a new one, it's just the 360 wasn't ready. There was nothing wrong with the original Xbox, that thing was great!
Don't bother trying to find hidden meaning in my comments - I mean exactly what I say. The 360 wasn't ready for launch, it was a nightmare for those of us caught in the cycle of bad console replaced by refurbed, bad console and at the end of the day it wasn't worth the $900 I pumped into the system for the launch console, extended warranty (when it was still 1 year and I had been through 2 consoles), controllers, charge and play kits, replacement batteries, Wi-fi and XBL fees. They did charge me a total of $340 in repairs on top of the $900 but they eventually (and after quite a fight) refunded that back. There's no reading between the lines here. I love the 360 games, but I've just had a lousy time with the hardware.

So, let me get this straight. 360 owners and gamers aren't allowed to comment on 360 news - unless what they have to say is 100% positive. Anything else needs to be in the Open Zone? That's about it? Get over yourself.

cereal_killa3802d ago

and so did the 360 RROD/E74 has cost them billions you fanboy may think that because the 360 is selling doesn't mean there in the black M$ gaming division is only seeing profits from LIVE and Software sales there hardware Division alone will not see a profit for years because of the failure of the original Xbox and RROD/E74.

Like I said before M$ better put a ton of R&D into this next (when ever it launches) they cannot afford another RROD/E74 fiasco, we all know every system has had some sort of problem 2-3% failure is normal but 33%+ (We really don't know how big it was).

JokesOnYou3802d ago (Edited 3802d ago )

darkride says the same thing every few posts, its either some BS about how much money he spent because all his 360's keep breaking or some other sdf rant about how he doesn't have anything to play for his 360 since Fable2, lmfao....sheesh who does he think he's kiddin, lol you'd be better off asking nasim how his 360 is working out for him. lmfao

Despite all the flamebait comments even the extremists here know why theres a big difference between the original xbox and the 360 in terms of life cycle, because as anybody slightly interested in the financial aspect of hardware knows xbox was bleeding money from micro and devs were barely making a profit due to the rampant piracy. This is NOT the case with the 360, even with the cost of early hardware problems, which micro paid heavily with the warranty the 360 is in much better shape, higher install base than xbox already and growing with devs making huge profits, Live is THE best online service among consoles and continue's to grow....hell micro's even making money on the side from ps3/pc owners who hate the 360 but want its games, Japans poor numbers overall are still much better than xbox and lately some close sales with even the ps3(short term) which has to be a positive sign for the future. 360 has some great games coming this year for potentially yet another big holiday and some highly anticipated games we already know is coming in 2010, plus Natal is attracting lots of attention/devs. 360/micro are in a great position right now, unless you ask the extremists.

They all know these things, but its the sdf agenda to constantly promote the idea that micro will suddenly drop a healthy 360 platform and move on to another so hopefully in their dreams somebody believes it, lol=


Arnon3802d ago

Microsoft already announced back in June 2008 that they were turning a profit on the Xbox 360 console.

cereal_killa3802d ago

So you think turning a profit in late 2008 puts the system in the black what about the first few years of its life all at a loss it will take them years to finally be in the black (hardware division) and to be honest the 360 will not last the new system will be out before they come close to turning a real profit in this division.

IdleLeeSiuLung3802d ago

We all know that sinking money into a business (i.e. taking losses) to generate a profit in the future is common practice. Even more so in the console manufacturing business?

Is Sony doing anything better? I would argue they are worse off, as they are unable to grow business due to losses (price cut on PS3) while MS is increasing business while breaking even.

One can argue that MS is ripping people off, but at the moment MS is the one of the two HD consoles that has a business model that can work. Sony on the other hand should be happy their console wasn't more popular, because if they sold more they would have lost a lot more money. I doubt they would recoup $300/console in software sold. However, it did help Sony win the HD format war, that might recoup that cost on that side instead....

WIIIS13802d ago

Seeing how 360 is such a success and still trouncing the competition in sales, there's simply no business sense in releasing a new console.

Kleptic3802d ago

the only real way to look at it:...

the Xbox was some sort of Alpha stage for least with their interest to the was like a big experiment...

the Xbox 360 is what many refer to as a 'public hardware beta'...only its not gets great games, but is easily one of the most ghetto mass production electronics in the last 20 years...don't cry about is what it is...we all know about it...its pretty much water under the bridge now...

the next Xbox will be the 'real' console I would bet...MS now has experience, relations with 3rd parties, and a fairly large and growing core audience...'3rd times a charm' fits well into this...MS could very well be the manufacturer to beat entirely next generation...I know will many say that is the case now...wrong...put the PS3 and 360 at the same price, which will eventually happen due to Sony's superior manufacturing practices...and it won't be a contest anymore...that may sound biased...whatever...I consider it more simply being realistic about it...

commodore643802d ago (Edited 3802d ago )


it's darkride making a troll fanboy anti 360 comment.
but wait....
then darkride says he is a gamer, not a fanboy
but wait.....
then darkride makes further troll fanboy anti 360 comments
but wait....
then darkride says he is a gamer, not a fanboy
but wait.....
then darkride makes further troll fanboy anti 360 comments
but wait....
then darkride says he is a gamer, not a fanboy
but wait.....

*repeats ad infinitum*

Honestly, is that guy darkrider stuck in a never-ending "for loop"?
Can somebody debug his code and break the loop, please?
It's sloppy coding!

GiantEnemyCrab3802d ago

The reason the Xbox1 was halted was 2 things Nvidia and cost. MS did not own the components inside the Xbox1 but they learned and now own all the innards of the 360. It also was a catalyst for them to enter the console market dominated by Nintendo and Sony and now look at this gen, MS has overtaken the market leader.

The 360 is a completely different situation this time and there is no reason for MS to drop it. The 360 has many years ahead of it.

Anon19743802d ago

Honestly, the 360's problems are well known and documented. You'd think 360 fans would have a bit of a thicker skin about it. I know I do.

I don't know why it's so threatening for some 360 fans to face a gamer who also owns a 360 but doesn't absolutely want to marry it. Jokes on You never has anything to add, other than to slam Sony fans. Commodore seems to have made it his personal mission to dog my comments while adding as little to legitimate gamer debate as possible.

Seriously, grow up - the both of you. Gamers are allowed to have opinions, and sometimes those will differ from yours. You aren't going to get very far in life if you refuse to accept that and move on.

commodore643801d ago (Edited 3801d ago )

you just don't get it do you.
you really are stuck on autoplay.

People debate you, darkie, but you just ignore facts and stick to your blinkered opinion, which you repeat ad nauseum.
Then, the next time, you regurgitate the same crap as last time!
It really is unbelievable.

I have stepped back and considered your repartee - your predictable diatribe - for a while now. It's safe to say that i have your comment patterns all worked out and they are a bit boring and predictable.
You say the same thing each and every time!
Other people have noticed, too... and that's not a lie!

You are not worth debating, because the same hackneyed, self-deluded diatribe spews from your end each time.
It's sooo boring... You are like a politician in overdrive!

Then you get all upset, because no-one takes you seriously anymore.
It's laughable.

I am just a little embarrassed that it's taken me so long to see you for the ordinary and mindless sony minion that you really are, darkie.

fool me once, shame on you.
fool me twice, .....

Anon19743801d ago

Just because you don't want to discuss the truth, doesn't change the fact that it's still true. Unlike some of your recent gems. Tell me, where in these troll ramblings is the truth I'm ignoring? Anyone can look back at my comment history and see I'm fair, not above admitting when I'm wrong, and always...always back up my points. What will they find if they look at your history?

"Admit ps3 multiplats have been, and are still, gimped."

About Ghostbusters "I am personally very disappointed that this game," and in another thread "If I had a ps3... But I don't have enough money to own both consoles."

"Apparently the developers HAD TO hype the ps3 so that sony would allow the title to be developed in the first place!"

"ps3 fans must feel like dolts for forking out more money and getting so much less quality."

"Wait... did the ps3 swallow your disc? Or was it a YLOD explosion?
Or did you get sick of sony lies?"

"literally over a hundred multiplats that look better on the 360"

"it be fair to say that if infamous had been released on the 360 we would have seen 3-4 times as many sales"

"My prediction: The xbox720 and it will sell like the wii did, i reckon."

"according to metacritic, Halo3 (94%) is quite a lot better than than KZ2 (91%)"

commodore643801d ago

jesus, do you ever get sick of quoting me and others out of context darkie?

It really is showing your desperation, and, is another instance of autoplay, on your behalf.

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zoneofenders3802d ago

for god's sake D9 for another 5 years? cant wait......

San Frandisco3802d ago

wut?^^ so only 6-8 years for the 360 huh?.. of course,they never last that long.. its 10 years for sony sucka's.
sony isnt EVEN HALF way yet.

thats weak sauce saying your halfway allready for the 360.

Kushan3802d ago

Did you even read the bloody title of the article? The exact quote is "Not Even Halfway". Not EVEN half way. Try again.

Johnny Jiron3802d ago

PS3 or Xbox 360. 4 years is too short, 5 years is fine, 6 years is more than adequate. If no new console is out by then, I'll just upgrade my PC and continue on without the consoles. Its fine that they support the console for an expanded amount of time after releasing a new one, but sitting on a single unit for 10 years is a bit absurd. If I wanna delve into the past I'll hope for decent backward compatibility or just keep my older consoles.

Xbox360 in 2015? PS3 in 2016? MMMmm Nah. But everyone has different preferences.

IQUITN4G3802d ago (Edited 3802d ago )

If Natal is indeed a killer piece of hardware like how potentially it could be, then yes 360 could be here for some time yet

Xbox1 one as already mentioned was to establish the Xbox brand in light of a no win situation that was PS2

They have in truth done remarkably well considering how strong the Sony brand name is and people are actually waking up to consoles other than Sony ones

That's actually rather a lot of lost Sony ground if you ask me

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