Infinity Ward: Two-player the 'magic number' for co-op

Two-player is the "magic number" for co-op, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare developer Infinity Ward has said.

When asked why Special Ops was limited to two players, not four, Bowling replied: "Two player seemed to be the magic number for co-op. That's when it stayed really fun and intense without becoming a clusterf**k of things. We just found that two-players was the most fun."

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mrv3213801d ago

Infinity Ward: Two-player the 'magic number' for lazy developers.

Let's look at the fact. Uncharted 1 and COD 4 game out at the same time.... in that time, Naughty DOG added multiplayer and 3 player co-op which is very hard they also improved the graphics by tons and imrpoved the game as a whole... while all they did for COD 6 was ermm nothing as side from tweaked the graphics Treyarch added co-op...

So let's not jump on board the hype train, no DOUBT COD 6(yes 6!) will be a fun game but I don't think it deserves it's level of praise for effectively doing not much at all.

evrfighter3801d ago

kz2 has how many players in coop? They must be EXTREMELY lazy by your logic right?

mrv3213801d ago

I didn't see Killzone 1 have co-op, IW basically downgraded from 4 to 2 probably so they don't have to do much with the singleplayer missions.

Oh Killzone 2 had 32 player online lag free gameplay which COD 4, 5 and 6 doesn't. Killzone 2 has a clan system none of the COD 4+ do.
Killzone 2 has one of the best engines, COD 4 odesn't.
Killzone 2 has FAR better AI
Killzone 2 worked on launch and I know because I bought it on launch.
Killzone 2 story was better better.

mintaro3801d ago

Your other points are subjective, but Killzone 2 lag free? Are you out of your mind? Every time you would kill somebody it would take a full 1-2 seconds before they actually die, and you could see people teleporting throughout the map.

joydestroy3801d ago

if they want a real hit there should be a SP campaign, a co-op separate campaign, AND multiplayer. that's how shooters need to be bringing it these days.

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mrv3213801d ago

Are you an assassin because you murdered the English language.

Killzone 2 is lag free for me on a connection where I have to pause a SD youtube video because it stop to buffer every few seconds.

The_Count3801d ago

I love infinity ward for one reason. I can count a new title every year!

Ah ah ah.

locos853800d ago

I prefer the 4 player co-op like they had in Halo 3. I have alot friends that like to come by and it sucks to be having to pass the remote around.

ThanatosDMC3800d ago

Agreed. 4 player co-op is fun ESPECIALLY with friendly fire! Nothing like a grenade teamkill to say you're best friends with somebody.

pegger243800d ago (Edited 3800d ago )

"Infinity Ward: Two-player the 'magic number' for lazy developers."

Yep we all know that we cannot trust IW to make a good game. Why don't we wait to actually PLAY the game before we decide how many co-op players would be fun. I would love to play with 10, but that doesn't mean that this game is suited to that. Jesus christ, all we here is "WE WANT CO-OP", and then when they do it, it is "NOT GOOD ENOUGH". Do you guys wnat them to come over to your house and make you breakfast too?

Wait until it comes out to b**** about the game.

Blaze9293800d ago

2P is the magic number for co-op? Yeah, back when Halo 1 was released! Now its common sense the good number for co-op is 4p, this really sucks. Damn Infinity Ward

cereal_killa3800d ago

IW doesn't put out a game every year it's been every 2 years for them to release a game.


There isn't such a thing as "right number for co-op". It always depend on how it will play out.

Resistance 2 had 8 players on co-op and it felt right, less would be a headache to carry some missions and enemy waves, more would feel to crowded in some close spaces. It basically worked becuase the Co-op was planned for online in short missions.

Halo 3 had 2 or 4 players in the same campain you play alone and it played great when a friend come by or close friends online. It basically worked becuase the main story had alreasy a hole for your mates to play with you there.

Army of two, even being crap game, had a good 2 player co-op design.

It always depend on what the game will play.

PS: Killzone should have co-op, if you look at the game closely, it's obvious the game was designed for have a Co-op in the same model as Gears, because you are always being assisted by at least one guy AI controlled. It doesn't mean it lacks a co-op or not having it make it a bad game anyway, but denying there was plans for co-op is just stupid.

jmare3800d ago

You must know better than the people who make the game what is best. But I wonder why you don't use your powers for good like creating peace in the middle east instead of wasting them on a videogame forum. Oh, you don't know jackshit abot making games and you think that games should follow some formula that you set? Well, maybe you should try it before you call someone lazy. Or if you can't bring yourself to do that, just don't buy it.

Controversy3800d ago

and great analogy. Naughty Dog has INCREASED everything it is doing with Uncharted 2. Increasing and improving seem to make sense as time goes on.

Tito Jackson3800d ago

That ONE is STILL the loneliest number....

Oh god now that song is stuck in my head.

Kleptic3800d ago

2 is fine imo...if its just the regular campaign, and assuming its intensity is similar to CoD 4...I won't complain about it...and its a welcome addition over not having any co op at all in cod 4...

killzone 2 though...yeah a co op added onto the campaign would have been great...killzone 3 will have it...but you can still play a form of co-op through the game as is now...its just bots instead of single player missions...which is basically what horde mode is in Gears and 7 friends can go nuts on 8 bots of various difficulty in the multiplayer portion of the game...but more often than not its simply more fun for you and 7 friends (or more) to play against other humans...

DaTruth3800d ago

Because four snowmobiles on a level would be chaotic and stupid!!! It only takes one small part of the game for it not to work, and taking out the snowmobiles was probably a no-go as it may be one of the best parts!

BattleAxe3800d ago (Edited 3800d ago )

I far prefered 4 players in the campaign co-op in Rainbow Six Vegas as opposed to 2 player co-op in Rainbow Six Vegas 2. Bad choice IW. This is where I think that Treyarch did a great job with Zombie mode(4 player) and campaign co-op (4 player)

MazzingerZ3800d ago (Edited 3800d ago )

now I know why R2 co-op is tons of fun!...8p taking down a titan is just too awesome...all that action in screen without lag.

They just didn't get the time to put more in the game not design it around SP and co-op...Atari wanted the game out this year to follow the "COD tradition" and they know people will buy it, specially 360 owners that have no that many games to look forward to for the fall as it looks today

Oh yes, and the DLC will be put a couple of weeks after the game releases..

mal_tez923800d ago

They obviously haven't playeyed resistance 2 co-op. This was 8 player class based co-op and I believe was the best co-op mode ever done. Simple because of the nice long missions (seperate from the campaign) and the focus on teamwork.
Co-op in call of duty is ok but there isn't a great sense of "I'm relying on him to survive" Which is what I should be feeling.

JL3800d ago

What I want to know (and I apologize if I've just missed this mentioned somewhere), but is the co-op local or online? I really don't like how so many games these days are abandoning local multiplayer (especially racing games). And usually the excuse is always the same that I hear: "Oh it would effects graphics too much" or something to that effect. Really shows what graphics-whores we've become. I'd much rather have that fun local multiplayer than have to sacrifice gameplay so we can squeeze a few more pixels and polygons in there.

mrv3213800d ago

Q:What makes co-op fun?

A: Playing and talking with people, you must rely on 1 person as apposed to 3(in 4 player co-op) so you have 3x the chances of finding someone with a mic and 7x the chances if you have 8 player co-op.

And people on mics especially friends make games so much more... so the math is against them.

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ZombieAutopsy3801d ago

i dont know i kinda would of liked a 2 player on a single console and 4 online, depending on how it plays since i havent played it yet i have no idea which way it would play better but i think id prefer 4

darkgunner3801d ago

That's a pretty bad excuse for why they can't be bothered implementing 4 player co-op.

Raf1k13801d ago

It's IWs game.

If they feel 4 players gets too crowded for their maps then who am I to judge until I've played it?

More players would definitely be good but since I don't really know much about the game apart from what I've seen I don't really have much say on the matter and neither do most others.

@ 1.5: seems like a good idea but there are those that simply don't play online which could be a factor in why devs haven't done seperate co-op campaigns. I could be wrong though some might be looking into it and some might have even done it. If so, I'm not aware of it.

BX813801d ago

Bad excuse? He just said they didn't want to add it in so they didn't. Snarf Snarf! Mommy..mommy I wanted four player co-op....

Goes to his room and throws a fit, like he got his WoW account cancelled.

darkgunner3800d ago (Edited 3800d ago )

Just don't shove a remote control up your ass.

That vid was really disturbing...

MegaMohsi3801d ago

I find the more people for co-op the more fun and better it is.

YogiBear3801d ago

yeah, like 8 person co-op.

joydestroy3801d ago

yeah, i actually like the clusterf*ck personally. the chaos makes me laugh.

shovelbum3801d ago

Exactly. Most games and shooters in general should at the very least have 2 player online co-op. MP is great and all (depending on how many kids are busting ur chops) but I prefer to play through most campaigns with an online buddy. There are exceptions though where I prefer to play alone such as Bioshock and Dead Space. Either way I'm thrilled that MW2 will have co-op. Now they can add guest sign-in too.

DeadlyFire3800d ago

I figured it would happen one day. They are inflating their own Ego. 2 players is perfect = We are set for 2 players nothing more. 4 Player co-op would be perfect if you ask me. Preferably more and more players though. 32 player co-op one day vs. lets say couple thousand enemies? Maybe one day. That would be awesome.

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xino3801d ago

I'll take single player campaign any day over co-op campaign.

Can't stand players who you play with over online co-op. All they do is wonder around and try and own the game themselves.

FantasyStar3801d ago

That's why I prefer split-screen co-op. Or better yet, Online co-op with friends only.

MikeNH3800d ago (Edited 3800d ago )

I agree w/ regards to playing co-op with strangers, but nothing beats playing it with your real-world friends. Hands down, every game I have played co-op with friends has been a more fun experience than playing the same game single player (and I do love my single player games).

DuneBuggy3800d ago (Edited 3800d ago )

Im kind of fond of 2 player offline co op myself with a friend.
Me and my best friend really enjoy a good spilt screen co op.

Not to say it isnt fun to go online with more players sometimes.