Video: Game gun, the peripheral we should have had years ago

Crunchgear: I know I wouldn't be winning any tournaments with this thing, but damn, creeping around my apartment all nervous, playing FEAR 2 or something on this gun-mounted, motion-detecting display? Damn, that sounds like fun. An earlier version was put up yesterday, but this new version is wireless and "The Redneck Techie" is talking about putting up a triple-wide display with three pico-projectors on the end of the gun. Why is it that this guy is doing what we all secretly want to do, and not Logitech or Thrustmaster or something?

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TheBand1t3799d ago

Old news is old.

Still, awesome redneck is awesome.

BX813799d ago

That was pretty damn sweet! It would be cool if they broke up that display on the gun into some sort of head set.

Kill Crow3798d ago

wii, natal & ps3 pink dildo !!!

Go Team Redneck ... !!!