PS3 Secret Hardware New Information

Megagames has posted further information regarding the PlayStation 3/Minority Report add-on. So far none of this info is offical, but it is all very interesting stuff.     

From :

" The add-on, manufactured by Prime Sense, should be reasonably priced as, we are told, it is fairly cheap to manufacture.   The previously mentioned MegaGames friend has been extremely helpful and has provided some additional information on what gamers can expect from the device and how it is expected to affect gameplay.  

According to our reliable source, the Prime Sense device was developed with the terminal Reality interface in mind and to that end, company engineers met the man behind the Minority Report concept. The idea is not new as EyeToy bears obvious conceptual similarities and the Microsoft/Gesture Tek products are expected to provide similar functionality. What is new is the freedom that the device will afford the user and the surprising accuracy with which it will interpret player movements into in-game moves.  

The uses of the device may seem obvious but we will give you some examples which have already been demonstrated by Prime Sense. One such example of the use of the device is of a player tapping his fingers on a table and the device interpreting his movements as the keystrokes of a pianist. Another application demonstrated, perhaps more relevant for a gaming audience, is of a player performing martial arts moves while an accurate virtual representation uses the same moves to dispatch enemy ninjas. An even more impressive example shown was that of a player following on-screen dance moves, with no restrictions to movement, while his moves are accurately recognized as correct or wrong.    

The final demonstration mentioned, is that of a player collapsing some pillars using his avatar. This demonstration highlighted how the virtual representation of the player will interact with the in-game physics."

Source: MegaGames

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ACE6295d ago

i agree every thing sony says seen to smell bad now a days even tho sony didnt say this ...


Siesser6295d ago

For those claiming that Sony is attempting to copy Microsoft with these camera features, has there been any info released depicting the 360's camera to perform any functions beyond taking pictures and video chat?

And I can't deny that 360's will come out first, but does anyone honestly believe that Sony did not intend, or at least devise, ways to improve upon the Eye Toy as they moved into the next gen? I mean, why assume that they wouldn't try to expand its functionality and in-game use? Sony's had their present camera out for 3 years now. It makes sense that they've been planning improvements.

BURLY6295d ago

But it will probably be out before the PS3 even launches so whoop-di-doo, ...all that this says to me is that Sony knows what the Big M is doing and doesn't want to get left behind ---- especially when you consider the success of the Eye Toy!

Now only Nintendo needs to catch-up in this area.

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6295d ago Replies(1)