Guitar Hero 2 X-plorer not broken; patch coming

"On learning of potential issues with the whammy bar on the Xbox360 guitar, we immediately began extensive testing of both the guitar and the software to isolate any issues with whammy bar functionality and the corresponding causes. Our testing identified a specific software element that may, in certain situations, cause the whammy bar to lose responsiveness. Given that this is a software-driven, an patch is being developed to fix the issue and will arrive as soon as possible via download on Xbox Live. We will confirm soon a target date for this download."

Xboxic tells that the Activision representatives added to Xboxic that the culprit is in code added late in the development cycle, which was designed to counter cheating. While no exact date for the patch is supplied yet, it should be available within 'several weeks' as an auto-update on Xbox Live.

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Sky Lazarus4261d ago

get ready to open it again and put it back the way it was. But seriously, I am glad they are addressing this issue.

God of Gaming4261d ago

Great news... I have the bum guitar but its great to hear that the problem is within the software!

Boon Tarkas4261d ago

I own two guitars, same model #. One works, the other doesn't.
A patch does not make sense in light of this. If all that is required is a software patch why is there so much success reported by people who crack their guitars and recalibrate the whammy control.

Activison is just doing damage control and buying time on this one

GameJunkieJim4261d ago

We shall see. If it (the patch) works, no more issues.
If it doesn't, then warranty guitar replacement will be a must for Activision and Harmonix.

Or if that option isn't availiable, there's always the opening option.