Trophies Not Likely for MGS4

BioEye from TheSixthAxis writes: "That's it then. If Konami were going to announce anything big for MGS4, last week was their moment. So after a year, E3 2009 and the Metal Gear Solid week, no trophies have been announced or confirmed for MGS4. If you're still getting your hopes up, then don't."

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tizz3796d ago

i'm glad, was annoyed when trophies was added to gta4 and i had to start again when i was half way threw to get them, so i' m glad it's looking like they wont add them to mgs4 as i've played this perfectly to unlock all the classic things mgs series unlocks after you complete the game.. to do that all again to get the trophies would be annoying lol

sinncross3796d ago

They could easily make the trophies retroactive, many titles have done this with NFS: Undercover being one of the more recent to do so.

I think it is a pity that trophies don't seem to be on the agenda considering how popular trophies appear to be.

Killermen3796d ago (Edited 3796d ago )

That retroactive thing with NFS undercover was because the developers had already inplanted them in the game. Online Trophies are always retroactive. And because the Trophies already were added to the game at the release, they just needed a trophy-patch to activate the trophies.

ID IR A G 0 N3796d ago (Edited 3796d ago )

its bs that trophies arent there in the first place. every single xbox game has achievements, even if the game sucks. come on, sneak king had achievements for god sake. it just seems lazy to me. it cant be hard to put trophies in a game.

Syronicus3796d ago

It was great even without them. Sure trophies add to some level of replay for some but for me, I was more focused on the story and gameplay than some digital e-pene enlargment pill.

Delive3796d ago (Edited 3796d ago )

A more relevant statement would be to compare it with PS3 titles that were patched to include trophies. Mainly because the 360 had it as a standard from the beginning. Then compare the caliber of these companies to Konami. Criterion did it. Idol Minds did it. Not sure of the Developer, but Eye of Judgment got patched. If THAT game can get patched, MGS4 sure can.

Lifendz3796d ago

Why? It's not like you have to pay attention to them. In fact, I fail to see how getting a trophy could be an annoyance. I remember playing Gears with my roomie a few years back and seeing my first achievement pop up on the screen. I think achievements, along with standard HDD and a standard online interface, are some of MS' biggest contributions to gaming. I love trophies! In fact I can't wait to get my plat in Resistance 2, Killzone 2, and Infamous.

William Wallace3796d ago

Konami!! When will we see trophies for this masterpiece?? I would love to play through it for the 4th time with added incentive.

YogiBear3795d ago

Considering how Konami handled MGO I don't think you will see trophies for MGS4 until they figure out how to make money from it. Sad but true.

himdeel3795d ago

...trophies would be okay BUT I'm cool without them. The only reason I'm cool without them is because for me MGS4 is an AMAZING game and I still play it without trophies. I want the bandanna and stealth device just to have them :)

Also I feel like the number of trophies for the types of activities in this game could be massive. I mean massive to the point that I'd be more overwhelmed to see that trophy list than I was to see the SOCOM trophy list.

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DragonWarrior_43796d ago

I wont care about another Konami project until they make a new Zone of the enders game.

Lifendz3796d ago

Especially if it were announced as exclusive for whatever your system of choice is?

Speaking of MGS5, what is Konami going to do with that MGS4 engine? It's not being used for Raiden's game and I think we can imply that it's incapable of running on 360 (otherwise why create a new engine?).

PirateThom3796d ago

The MGS4 engine was built specificially for PS3, it probably wouldn't run on 360 without major modfications, hence Kojima Productions building a multiplatform engine from scratch.

I have no doubt there will be future PS3 exclusives from Kojima Productions, as well as multiplatform games, because it's rare to build an engine for 1 game.

BYE3796d ago (Edited 3796d ago )

Don't care about trophies. PS2 didn't have them, yet there are titles on that system we will always remember.

I just wanna see a new Metal Gear for PS3 after Peace Maker.

GameGambits3795d ago

For a guy who acts like he knows jack sh*t about Metal Gear you sure don't know sh*t on what the new PSP game is called.

(Insert space)

There I spelled it out for you. Now study it up so you can act like you played it later when the reviews come out.

LittleBigSackBoy3795d ago

@ 3.1

jack sh!t means nothing so your comment doesn't really make sense

SupaPlaya3795d ago

I can see how it is easy to make mistake on that name. Stop with the aggression please. His point is that trophies isn't required for us to enjoy MGS4. And I agree.

I personally don't care for the trophies either. It was cute when the first few popped up (like the landmine and one-in-a-million trophy in Warhawk), but after awhile I don't really care for it anymore. I could imagine it adds re-playability for some people though.

It's great if they add it, it's fine if they don't (just hurry up on peace walker so they can get MGS5 started...)

Defectiv3_Detectiv33796d ago

Why god why!? I just want an excuse to go back and play MGS again! Oh the humanity!

siyrobbo3796d ago

shame sony did't incorperate them from the start, better late than never i suppose

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