Violence in Zelda

A common concern and a commonly raised issue about video games is the effect of violence on the players. Overprotective parents complain about their children being exposed to blood and gore; fighting and feuds; bloodshed and violence. They either whine that their children will be influenced negatively and ignorantly copy the violence in everyday life, or, they whine that it is traumatizing and affecting their children mentally.

It's really not Dathen Boccabella's concern about how parents control what games their children play, and it's not Dathen's concern as to what your views are on the issue of video game violence. It is, however, Dathen's concern that the Zelda franchise seems to have steered clear of anything beyond minuscule amounts of violence. And Dathen does mean minuscule. Frankly, it's time for Zelda to get with times and happenings in video game violence.

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