Age Of Conan Update 5: Developer Preview

The development team behind the MMO Age of Conan has written up a preview of the upcoming content patch, Update 5.

In this preview, the team discusses the new zone that will be introduced, Tarantia Commons, and also reviews the item and RPG system update, which changes core mechanics within the game. The preview also contains never-before-seen screenshots of the new content.

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Maticus3499d ago

This really is a game-changing patch for AoC. The new region looks very nice too.

Dorjan3499d ago

Still missing a lot of that PvP (or Guild vs Guild!) guild element that they promised from the start :(

Malfurion3499d ago

Apparently the next update will have something cool for guilds

Fyzzu3499d ago

Hopefully it'll attract a bit of attention to the game. AoC looked like it did something different and it's finally - finally! - being fixed up to be worth playing.

Malfurion3499d ago

Roof fighting! Wonder if they'll add that to earlier parts of the game, would be fun :)

Dorjan3499d ago

I remember when I first played AoC. I had an assasin and was trying to get about the early area's rooftops. Was cool but it seemed awfully broken.

I hope that is fixed by now though!

Gun_Senshi3499d ago

just make this game free 2 play.

i played aion at lauch. I forgot server name but it was pvp. I was one of the memebers in a famous guild on our server Called "Avatar"

It had alot of potential, but patches ruined it and made it age of casters, then promised content never comes and comunity depleted to nearluy nothing

Maticus3499d ago

Aion? Anyways, if you mean AoC the subscriber numbers are reportedly growing these days, and this update will help matters massively.