PSP Go's Digital Games same price as UMD?

"While trying to defend the UMD and insisting on it's continued use Michael Ephraim (Sony Australia's Chief) states that the digital PSP Go's games will be based on the same price structure as the PSP 3000.

Now he could mean that they have a pricing structure similar to the one below and they will be following it with the PSP Go or they are simply going to market the games at the exact same price."

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Xbox Avatars Shoe4268d ago (Edited 4268d ago )

What's wrong with that? It's basically the same thing except you don't have to lug a case of UMD's around (which is why I'm getting the PSP Go).

I was expecting the DD to be the same price as the UMDs. I guess you could argue that the DD should be cheaper since it doesn't cost money to make the copies but I 'd rather pay a little extra for the portability of a DD anyways. The original PSP (and slims) were always so un-pocket-friendly since the were sorta big and you had to lug around a case full of UMDs; you basically needed large cargo pants or a purse.

N4Sony4268d ago

You lose the packaging cost and a bunch of overhead expenses. If it's the same price, the consumer is getting screwed.

heihoosilver4267d ago

when SegaCD was shown, they said that the games gonna be cheaper because manufactoring of cartridges was very expensive. The price was the same and even if all the games for all platforms is DD, they will not charge less, it´s making the most profit that maters.

Bnet3434267d ago

This is nothing new. Xbox Live and Steam and Sony have already been doing this via Live, Steam, PSN. You are paying for the convenience of the download.

eagle214267d ago (Edited 4267d ago )

But I am sure there will be more "digital sales" on PSN than what you see in a brick and mortar store for UMD. This is not a problem, PSP games are mostly $20-39. Greatest hits titles are $20. I think the media just loves a reason to complain. The companies need to get PAID for the work they have done.

Off topic: And on youtube, all the PSP Go! videos are 4.5 or 5 stars out of 5 stars (with thousands of hits). Everyone is liking the undeniably awesome games line-up and the system is getting mostly positive feedback from gamers.

Christopher4267d ago

The only way I'd have a problem with this is if the download service was on a limited number of times, similar to how on PSN you can download an item up to 5 times only. If it's unlimited downloads of the same programs, then I would consider it to be the exact same thing as UMDs, just with a free online locker for storing all of your games.

harrisk9544267d ago

WTF? No company has charged less for digital distribution of media, why should Sony be criticized? I AGREE that digital downloaded media should be cheaper based upon the fact that there is a huge cost savings to the manufacturer/publisher (i.e., packaging, shipping, media costs, etc.). However, it BS that Sony should be expected to do with the PSP Go what other companies have not been asked to. Whether it is the movie industry digitally distributing movies, or e-books, or itunes/mp3 sites... or even Xbox Live an PSN... none of them are cheaper than buying physical media products... This is just another attempt to put a different standard on a Sony product.

talltony4267d ago

So it should not be the same price. But if it is the same price as a UMD then sony will make mad dollars with the psp go. More profit on every system (less Parts and no UMD) More profit off every game sold for the same price as UMD through digital distribution.

Seraphim4267d ago

that's my complaint with Digital Distribution. Of course, did you expect otherwise with the Go? As others have said, in digital distribution you eliminate a lot of expenses and in turn should save money by going digital.

In going w/ downloads you eliminate the actual disc, packaging, shipping expenses, bulk shipping packages, etc. Also labor in cut out of the process as well in eliminating all the employees who put their hands on the produced material. From manufacturing all the way to the retailers hands and everything in between. The savings should be passed on to the consumer. But that's not the way digital distribution works and that's my biggest problem with it. Well, of course I also like having an actual disc I can show/sell if I so desire...

DarkArcani4267d ago

It covers the cost of the servers that the games are on, bandwidth, etc.

wUTTer4267d ago

Like Kigmal said, your paying for convenience. Which I'm fine with. PSPGo day one purchase.

Rowsdower4267d ago

steam routinely sells the digital copy of a game for less, and that is on day one. just saying your statement:

WTF? No company has charged less for digital distribution of media, why should Sony be criticized?

is untrue look into it.

Any company can be criticized when there are legit reasons to do so, we are gamers so we have a financial interest (in terms of our wallets) of what is acceptable and what is not. When a company in this case sony is saving money by not having the optical drive and selling dd games then it is only fair (in terms of fairness for the consumer) that the drop in production cost also lead to a drop is sale price.

i know life isnt fair, and if I dont like it then i shouldnt by it, but if the article is true I still think it is not fair.

D4RkNIKON4267d ago

The prices will be the same.. I can put money on that fact, if they offered the games cheaper on PSN as downloads retail stores like Gamestop would kind of be getting the shaft there, but who really cares about gamestop. I could see Gamestop pulling an Activision and threatening to stop supporting the PSP Go in that case, but who knows.

IdleLeeSiuLung4267d ago

I thought DLC is supposed to be cheaper especially since how the publishers are talking about savings from packaging, shipping, stolen merchandises & etc....

Instead this whole generation, we have been shafted by DLC. Not only by Sony, but by MS and Nintendo as well (to a lesser degree). I'm not a believer of DLC, as I found clearanced games all the time.

Recently I bought Prince of Persia for $15 at Target and not too long ago I picked up Ninja Blade for $20 (the game sucked @ss though).

The only games I have not been able to find discounted is usually Sony first party games. For some reason, Sony keeps keeping their prices. The only ones I remember seeing lately is R&C and GT5P. With DLC the incentive to lower prices for publishers are less likely. How often do you find sales on DLC stuff?

The rare instances I have seen discounts are with XBL Deal of the Week for Gold Members... That is it.

DLC is a rip-off and will continue to be so!!! At least with a hard copy, I can sell it and not be chained to their DRM stuff.

SuperM4267d ago

They will probably be a little cheaper, but at the same time there will be more profit for the publishers. I think it will be a win win situation for everyone but the retailers

CrayzeeCarl4267d ago

That's not how it works. You can download everything on PSN (except from the Video Store) an UNLIMITED number of times. You just can only use them on up to 5 activated consoles at a time. If you want to use it on a 6th system, you have to deactivate one.

FamilyGuy4267d ago

Of course we would like it if they were cheaper than their physical counter-parts but that's not the way ANY media distributor has done it so far.

Sony would be leading the flock if they were to do something so generous but they would also slow the sales of UMD versions by doing so, as ALL Psps on the market can play these digital copies via their pro duo cards.

I wish they would ($5-$10 less) but I doubt it and we shouldn't of expected them to seeing as no one else has been expected to/complained about. I just hope that they DO have sales and reduce prices when titles get older, similar to what a brick-and-mortar store does.

All and all, Sony stands to make a substantial increase in profits once the system is released based on this and the cost of the system. If someone were looking for a PS3 price cut off-set well here is ANOTHER one.

Raptors4267d ago

Im not defending sony but think of it logically. If they have DD cheaper than UMD's than kiss the UMD format completely goodbye. Why buy a UMD when you can download it? I understand not everyone has access to the internet but alot of ppl still prefer to have a "physical" format (See the Digital distribution argument versus Blu Ray). Now if DD is cheaper, and someone still prefers a UMD, I can see someone going DD as it is cheaper...they'll put their differences aside.

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DuneBuggy4267d ago

If its the same price,id just assume own a PHYSICAL copy for my PSP thank you.

tonsoffun4267d ago

I totally agree, taking away the physical disc and charging the same amount is ripping the gamers off.

Downloadable media should always cost less as the overheads for this media is far less than the physical copy.

kcdude4267d ago

Maybe they figure bandwidth cost money to, but I still think the downloads should be cheaper than the UMD's because they aren't tangible.

koehler834267d ago

If it was cheaper to download, retailers would be furious.

Rowsdower4267d ago (Edited 4267d ago )

go to steam, the digital downloads there are routinely cheaper than the physical copy, and I'm talking about on day one of release. so rationalize all you want but, a psp with no optical drive is more expensive than one with the optical drive, and no price difference between the dd copy of a game and its physical counterpart, that sucks. the company is saving tons of money here while denying folks the opportunity to sell the game back, some one is getting screwed in this scenario, guess who.

DuneBuggy4267d ago (Edited 4267d ago )

Im so glad I had a physical copy of Full Auto II to sell back.
It wasnt worth the UMD it was printed on.

I also like being able to loan my friend Lumines II.

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