Massively: Aion Beta Hands-On: Becoming a Daeva

As the Aion: Tower of Eternity Closed Beta Test 2 continues, it's time to go deeper into Asmodae. You've explored Tunapre Lake, passed through Sap Farm, explored the Odella Plantation, braved the ghost-filled Ishalgen Prison Camp and you've even discovered the Forgotten Place of Exile. As you level, the Raiders and other NPCs start to mention Daevahood and an old man called Munin. Are you ready to meet destiny?

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Chris3993794d ago

The references to Norse culture and the whole "epic" feel of the first 10 levels (your destiny and ascension to a daeva) was really refreshing.

The end game PVE and PVP looks sick. Very excited for this game, the next open beta can't come soon enough!

P.S. Pre-order at any Gamestop (EB here in Canada) and you get into all the betas, a couple of free items and a 2 week head-start on the servers when the game launches. I do hope that I get to keep my beta character, as I've grown quite attached to him in such a short amount of time :)