ResumePlay-From Your Consoles to the Big Screen: Some Things Never Change

Brandy Nevils writes: "As the fine folks in the Hollywood business continue to run out of new ideas for movies, they also continuously turn to our beloved video games in search of their latest victims. We gamers have seen them all… movies such as Doom, Mortal Kombat: Annihilation, Alone in the Dark, Street Fighter, and Super Mario Bros. The list of bad movies based on video games beats out the list of good ones by a long shot- especially since good ones don't really exist. Here are few of the latest upcoming attempts by Hollywood to cross over into our world of video games."

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mau643793d ago

pretty good list you got here, I'm sure they will all suck

Teabag_Titan3792d ago

the only VG films that will catch on are those that are in CGI

stoppre3792d ago

yes....they will all fail

Baross20253792d ago

I love the Mario Bros. Movie!