Wait, There Was A Recipe For Meth In GTAIV?

Proof that in a world as big as Grand Theft Auto IV's you can play it for months and never see all the game has to offer: apparently there's a "recipe" for the production of methamphetamines hidden somewhere in the game.

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qface643795d ago

isn't meth like the easiest drug to make?
heck even i know all the ingredients i just don't know anything else besides that though

G3TDOWN3795d ago

and the funnt part is it's hard to make weed

Megaton3795d ago

I know lots of growers, it's really easy as long as you're not careless, just takes much longer cause it's growing a plant, not mixing chemicals. Takes a couple hours to make meth if you're on point and not all spun out.

PS360PCROCKS3794d ago

Wow. I have no clue what's in meth and I have no reason to want too.

Calvin_ISA3794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )

The cops never came to your school about "Drug Awareness" and gave you a guide on "how to tell if people are using or making meth" so you can "report them"? The cops themselves pretty much tell you how to make the sh!t.. Cop: "Uhh... If they have microwaves in strange places, and buy lots of medicine like sudafed, they're probably a cookin', and if there's funny odors coming from the trunk of a car, it may be a rolling lab. By the way.. The main ingredients for meth are..." Essentially, in telling you how to stop cookers, they tell you how to make easy money becoming a cooker yourself.. It's sad. ): They even tell you how much money cookers make selling meth ruining other peoples' lives for money. It really is tragic.

TheDude2dot03794d ago

Those dumbasses deserve it for trying meth in the first place.

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No FanS Land3795d ago

must be located in an internet page.

Jockamo3794d ago

..except cocaine. That's good.

killa916063794d ago

On the website on gta 4 website

I thought every1 knew this lol

jjesso19933794d ago

drugs bad !!!!!!!!!!!!!! i couldnet live without my wake and bake in the mourning and a good line now then is not so bad now acid thats sickest thing ive taken the trip is amzing if its good one i had i bad one once and and ended up in hospital thinking i was going to get eaten dolphins lol

shiner3794d ago

That's the most mature and insightful post ever. Thank you!


By the way you write I can see you didn't come back from your little trip yet :)

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The story is too old to be commented.