Square Enix: New Final Fantasy XIII Insider Info in Next OPM Official Playstation Magazine will have a feature on Final Fantasy XIII with "insider info directly from Japan!". There's also a preview of the cover of the next issue which features a new image of Lightning.

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rebirthofcaos3795d ago

that the inside info is the following:

Due to 360 dvd, ff 13 will be on rails.

In my personal opinion since it will be release possible on 4 dvd square-enix will cut corners to avoid a 5th dvd.

chaosatom3795d ago

I am thinking like 6.

But yeah who knows what square will do.

Serg3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

Multidisc games are way larger than one disc games. You need to duplicate a hell lot of data that is present in a lot of sections of the game. Like textures, character models, sound effects etc. So a 14 GB game would be 3 DVDs, in some cases even 4. Final Fantasy would be one of those cases. As you need to duplicate the entire game world.

This is the main concern I have about the game. In a Final Fantasy game there are places, large places, you have visited in the past and need access to later in the game. A 8 disc game would hurt sales, a lot.

They promised they would finish the PS3 version before beginning development on the 360 version, they broke that promise because they can't do it. Realizing cutting corners is inevitable they started development on the 360 version so they can determine what needs to be cut in order to avoid a ridiculous amount of DVDs. They also haven't released a lot of info about the game, meaning they won't promise anything before knowing for sure it will be present in the game. In other words, leave no evidence the game got crippled so you can pretend the game reached it's full potential.

This is the main reason Final Fantasy fans don't like the idea of Final Fantasy XIII on the 360.

Mo0eY3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

I just want this game to renew that Final Fantasy freshness that came way back when (FF5 - FF10 years, for me). I was always excited to hear about new Final Fantasy games,but after X-2 and 12, I think I'm going to wait and check it out at a friend's house.

UltimateIdiot9113795d ago

Well put. That is my biggest fear when I thought about FFXIII going multiplatform. Now we see SE making lies that reveal lies about not trying to cover anything up. SE can say what they like but not every consumer will take their word for face value.

There is no way FFXIII could be at full potential on the PS3 when it's multiplatform unless the "full" potential was never that high by SE standards to begin with.

AAACE53794d ago

More than likely FFXIII will be on rails because... that's what SE intended from the start! I don't know why you fanboys think that just because the Ps3 can use 50 Gb disc, that all developers will use all that space! That cost alot of money, and for a franchise that has sold at least 1 million units less with each release after FFVII, it is too risky. SE are under the impression that gamers are starting to not like the FF games as much. Which is why they are going multiplat and are looking for different ways to get the western gamers attention.

FFX and FFXII were both fairly long games with good stories and graphics. The best part was, they produced all of that on one DVD. FFXIII will essentially be the same type of game, except with better graphics ans sound. I believe it is possible to do.

Look at DMC 4, the graphics in that game look close to what FFXIII's graphics are suppose to look like, yet they got it all on one disc!

Hell, i'm willing to say, as long as they have been making the game... they may be able to get it on 3 Just kidding!

AAACE53794d ago

It is obvious that gamers (especially Ps3 owners) have their hopes too high, and if the game falls short in any area, they will be mad... and probably blame it on the 360!

You guys expect too much!

I know what to expect, so I know I will not be OK, which is why I have mine reserved.

Here's a hint for you... SE will probably never make another game that gamers think is great! Everything is entitled to their one great moment, and FFVII was it for you long time FF fans. For me it was FFX! FF is just a good game franchise, and that's all you should expect from it. Just another good game.

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DNAgent3795d ago

The game is going to be mediocre it will be yet another garbage game from Square-Enix. You're better off pirating it if you want to play a terrible RPG.

robotnik3795d ago

How do I pirate bluray?

Mo0eY3795d ago

Who said anything about pirating blu-ray? Better off just downloading it the old fashioned dvd9 way (probably 20-30GB) and grabbing a Xbox 360 emulator.

DNAgent3795d ago

Sorry, but you'll have to download an inferior version if you want it for free.

skip2mylou3795d ago

Lightning what have they done to you? you look so pale..... :( in all seriousness tho cant wait for ff13 next year

Neo6043795d ago

it looks like ff x-2.

swiftshot933795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

and excitement rightfully dies down...but everytime I see a new trailer, it really does wow. Easily will be among the best RPGs this gen-next to Mass Effect and Fallout.

The next OPM will be cool with this and GT5.

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