2nd Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles Trailer

Following the first small video clip of Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles, Capcom has unveiled a brand new one on the official website. Check it out in all its gory glory at the link below.

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r10004264d ago

Ok i'm confused with all the RE's trailers/pics etc... Is this a "New" game?

and when is due out...?

ItsDubC4264d ago

From what I understand, the Wii will get two Resident Evil games: RE4 and RE: Umbrella Chronicles. RE4 has already been released on GC and PS2 but the Wii version will be similar to the GC version but w/ the extra content that the PS2 version had. RE: Umbrella Chronicles is a new game. I'm not sure when either comes out.

ITR4264d ago

RE4 Wii edition comes out in May.

RE UC comes out approx around X'mas.

30% done and the trailers still look good.