OXCGN's Steal It for 360? - InFAMOUS (PS3)

OXCGN writes: "Sucker Punch's brand new Playstation 3 exclusive inFAMOUS is out and selling like hotcakes, countless PS3 owners are happy and Sony fanboys are trying to rub this title in 360 owners faces.

I recently had the pleasure of playing through the entire game to find out if this title really is worthy of all its hype and if 360 owners should really be jealous or not… Here is the lowdown:"

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Godem3407d ago (Edited 3407d ago )

Prototype is so much better than Infamous, especially on the 360 console. (for the controller)

-but that's just my opinion, awesome article, shows all the good points, It would be great if all gamers could get to play all the games with no competition of companies etc.

chaosatom3407d ago (Edited 3407d ago )

You seem to be saying "take my bubbles away"

EDIT: OMG, stealth edit. You said "ESPECIALLY on the 360 console"
with caps. I am on to you, lol.

Also you added (for the controller), I guess that makes it slightly less tolerable, but just slightly.

Godem3407d ago

that's just my opinion which I am entitled to. As I stated I'm not attacking anyone. I just found that when I played the PS3 version of Prototype, it was just a bit more difficult using a Sony controller than a 360 one.

Infamous was a great title, but I found Prototype to be much more entertaining gameplay wise.

G3TDOWN3407d ago (Edited 3407d ago )

some other people find Xbox 360 controller so hard playing games !

I'm 6'3'' and my hands are big and still Xbox 360 controller doesn't fit me well

n4g-gamer3407d ago

"Sucker Punch's brand new Playstation 3 exclusive inFAMOUS is out and selling like hotcakes"

Lol he must be smoking crack, this game flopped hard in the sales. Cant wait for this next npd to further show how much of a failure it is commercially.

Superfragilistic3407d ago

Haha, a tall man with small hands! lol

Apparently you didn't get size where it counts! lol

Just kidding. ;)

But seriously if Godem aint hurting now, he might be in a lil while as those bubbles pop!

For the record I love both games. InFamous is my GTAIV to my Prototype's Saints Row 2.

sonarus3407d ago

I find it funny that PS3 gets two games(prototype and infamous) and 360 gets one but yet you still try to pretend like 360 wins lol. If only activision had abandoned support for PS3 maybe prototype would be exclusive...tough luck:(

Boody-Bandit3407d ago (Edited 3407d ago )

You sit around waiting for NPD sales figures of games on consoles you don't like and have never played hoping it will validate your ignorance?

Godem3407d ago

@ Chaos
yeah fair call mate, I tamed the first post down a bit :)

xwabbit3407d ago

lol Brutallyhonest forget him, hes a 360 fan boy. He can only use sells to feel better. He likes MS paying 30 mil on adds instead of putting that $ of the game and not give us glitchy games

DeThEoRy3407d ago

ure in ps3 fanboy territory, u will be eaten alive with words if u say sonething out of place.

ID IR A G 0 N3407d ago

infamous is a great game, but i dont think it has "the best moral choice system" like the article said. i would have to give fallout 3 a slight edge for moral choices, but not by much.

RememberThe3573407d ago

You know it! Holdin it down for the PlayStation Generation! lol

N4Sony3407d ago

Even PS3 lowballing VGChartz has Infamous, a brand new IP, at 420,000 copies sold.

Flop? No...freaking idiot.It's already doubled the XBOX360 sales of Red Faction, which has received equal marketing.

Bathyj3407d ago

You know DeThEoRy, I keep hearing how N4G is a PS site.

Its only because once a few games came out for PS3 and it became obvious it was a better console, half the Xbox fanboys woke up, realised they were supposed to be gamers and got a PS3, while the other half, committed to being XBox fanboys, tucked their tails between their legs and ran like cowards to Xboxkings or Gametrailers or where ever the hell them clowns go.

At least PS3 owners talk about their games. All the Xbox fanboys ever talked about was how much PS3 sucked. This place might not be perfect, but its better off without them, and anyone who doesnt agree should follow them.

s8anicslayer3407d ago

AHHH! The benefits of being a multi console owner, Wii get to play any game Wii want, without all the jealous envy that is fanboyism!

gamesR4fun3407d ago (Edited 3407d ago )

i disagree but not like ill take a bubble for expressing yur opinion...

Ive got both finished em and ill say prototype is good got bout 30h out of it but now imma trading it. Infamous on the other hand is a keeper... (chk my comment history n you'll find out why.

MikeGdaGod3407d ago

infamous is a really fun game

i'm playing it now.....

ps921173407d ago

I like this guys, they aren't that fanboyish, even though they are suppose to be, they have complemented PS3 stuff alot even though their jobs requieres them to bash PS3. Jeff is cool but he is definitely bias towards PS3, so kudos OXCGN, you deserve it.

Immortal Kaim3407d ago

I actually like the idea of platform specific sites doing these types of things, it actually shows they have real gamers there. If I'm not mistaken this site has done these 'Steal it' type articles before right? Must be a series or something?

Superfragilistic3407d ago

And Kaim, yeah I'm sure they did these articles for E3. They definitely pay their respects to the PS3, MGS4 for their GoTY last year was a highlight! :D

Bnet3433407d ago

Meh, I have a PS3 and I did not like inFamous. I'm tired of open world games.

The Dude3407d ago


Bathyj your an ignorant ps3 fangirl. So delusional you still think the ps3 outsells the wii and 360. keep dreaming of first place. Not such a great year for the ps3 with Activision dropping support I hope EA and 2K follow suit that would be awesome :)

Boody-Bandit3407d ago (Edited 3407d ago )

The Dude who are you trying to kid? Talk about being an hypocrite and without question a multiple account hypocrite at that. Nobody is filled with this much venom
The PS3 should be at the top of the list of console failures.
Looks like a Prototype rip off. In the end it will sell a few hundred thousand and not move any ps3. I love that the ps3 is in last place this gen :)
Anyone that has played alot of shooters will tell you Killzone 2 is an average shooter at best. You sony fanboys have been killzowned.
Thank you Microsoft for demolishing the PS3 every month and thanks to you sony fanboys for denying it month by month and that sales don't matter. LOL :P

and ends up only signing in only 3 times this month while posting just one comment. An off topic comment at that. You contribute nothing but hatred. How people like you get to keep their accounts here on N4G boggles my mind.

All of your comments are absolutely ridiculous. At the very least you should be confined to the open zone.

Bathyj3407d ago

Oh really Dude? Where did I even mention sales? You just put words in my mouth so you can agree with yourself. Sad.

Thats about all you guys can come back to isn't it, sales. Like we care. The only sales I care about is the copy I bought. Thats enough for me. It used to be PS3 has no game, but that shoes on the other foot now isn't it. Halowars is still your big release for the year hey?

And you really are a fanboy if you believe Activision is going to drop PS3 when most other devs including EA and Ubi say most their money come from PS3.

So keep your whinning up, it makes your kind, all the easier to hate and makes me feel all the more right. Its just a shame you're dragging The Dudes good name down with you. The Dude abides. You dont.

orange-skittle3407d ago


You are an idiot. The game is selling like hotcakes. I own both systems and I must admit, that not only is it a great game...but everyone is raving about it. I enjoyed it completely and the reviewer was dead on. I hadthe same complaints as well as the same praises. The custscenes and story were great and the karma system was on point. Gives replay value. The game is on pace to sell more than KZ2, so how is that a flop?

Beast_Master3407d ago

I just finished getting the Plat trophy for Infamous, and I just beat Prototype and I gotta say that bc of the ending + gameplay make Infamous better than Prototype. They are both great, but I think Prototype was just missing the polish of Infamous. I have a feeling we will see a match-up of these titles again in 2 years when the sequels are released.

Round 1: Infamous.

maturegamer3407d ago

104 disagrees for u so far mate

3407d ago
Why dis3407d ago (Edited 3407d ago )

"PS3 owners are happy and Sony fanboys are trying to rub this title in 360 owners faces. "

Where on N4G? no one cares about this game outside places like N4G the games didn't even do that well in sales. I think 360 fans have their own open world games they are waiting for.

I think this site just tries to get hits, you won't see them do articles that say PS3 fans should envy this or that about the 360(that I'v seen) because it would anger PS3 fans but when they do these stunts trying show respect to the PS3 crowd(forced or not) 360 fans ignore them but it pleases PS3 fans.

This is no GTA so stop shoving this game down people's throats, great open world games have not stopped people from buying Sony's consoles in the past so why would one now? no one is interested in it 2009 so far has been hard so some PS3 owners loving this game is no surprise.

MEsoJD3407d ago

is fun but after I beat it and got the powers it got really boring, but

I've found infamous more interesting and I'm still not bored with it.

JL3407d ago

This was actually a really really good review here. Pretty much spot on I thought for the most part. I was hesitant when I saw "steal it for 360?", though i realize it's an xbox site and it's just they're lil gimmick for rating a PS3 game. Very good unbiased review though.

xabmol3407d ago

You're one of the most un-dude dudes here, Dude. You're a disgrace to all things dude.

Bathyj3407d ago (Edited 3407d ago )

Dont get up me Skittle, I'm not the one who said it. Talk to EA, Ebi, Konami. They said it. I couldn't care less.

And youre the idiot. You claim its all about money and then think they should throw away maybe 40% of their audience. How clever are you. Besides making a game doesn't cost the same as porting a game. If they make a game for XB it only cost about 10% more to port it to PS3 so if its all about money, not porting it would be dumb. Like you. And we're talking about Activision here. Hands up who thinks Guitar Hero is an expensive game to make. Yeah it must be all that graphics and Physics research they had to put into the game engine.

And it too hard for Cliffy B huh. Maybe he's just to dumb for Playstation. A tiny little dev team with a couple dozen guys named Media Molecule didnt have any problems getting results. Cliffy just wants to churn out generic shooters. Follow the Halo route and never have to try hard again. Sorry, PS3 is for more creative types, that why you dont like it.

Alvadr3407d ago

Its great playing all these excellent games.

Its a shame 360 fanboys are too proud & stuborn to go out and purchase a PS3, they are missing out.

Jazz41083407d ago (Edited 3407d ago )

I know im in the minority on this SDF site but i agree with you and if you goto the public and ask them as I have working in a GameStop, I would say about 80% of the people believe prototype is a blast to play and and much more entertaining. Point 2. We have many used copies being traded in of Infamous and have had some since the day it released. So far we have had 1 copy of prototype traded in. So I know I will get a bunch of disagrees and I dont care at all since I am not out to prove anything to anyone. I am simply stating my opinion and then backing it up with the facts I know, so if you want to be fanboyish and blast me.......Enjoy.

LeonSKennedy4Life3407d ago

inFAMOUS is a much better all-around game.

I'm sorry to deny you guys your "opinion", but I've yet to have someone who owns both consoles say Prototype is better.

You haven't played inFAMOUS and you probably won't.

FarEastOrient3407d ago

I love how this website has a "steal it" question... there needs to be a playstation website that should ask this question too.

It is a pretty good game and I've played through it twice, with the only trophies is killing 25 while on the train and stunts. (Trophies Yoh!)

Great read, fanboys should just enjoy the gaming environment as how it currently is.

hay3407d ago

@LeonSKennedy4Life: Actaully some my mates say that inFamous is better due to the fun gameplay, great story, variation, better visuals and immersiveness. They also praise Prototype for cool storytelling.

For me both games are different so I can't really say which is better but I can say which one I prefer more, and it's inFamous. But that doesn't mean Prototype isn't good game.
It's solid title and every fan of superhero/villain action should give it a go without the inFamous or fanboy lens and treat it as completely separate title.

BWS19823407d ago

using your Gamestop employment as validation of "facts" doesn't mean much if you were to tell me that, personally. Every time I've been in a Gamestop, they've bashed the PS3. I always overhear them telling parents how much "better" the 360 is etc...I bought Alone in the Dark: Inferno on PS3 just a few months ago there and the guy lambasted me for owning a PS3... for simply owning one. WTF? I'm not saying they're all 360 fanboys, but virtually all the ones I can recollect, if they stated a preference, were violently against all things PS3. And I have been there (5 different ones in my area) more than just a few times in the last few years, only reason I go is because I don't let it become more important than a possible value I might find. It's fine to have a preference, but to ridicule customers over it is foolish and rude, I hope you don't do that.

Condemnedman3407d ago

Look at all the disagrees what a bunch of losers (not that i agree with what he says). Must be multi accounts surely not that many people care do they ???

Syronicus3407d ago

The Xbox fanboys here need to take a hint from what appears to be a real Xbox Gamer here and give credit where credit is due. Sure Prototype is a good game but even this author knows what game is superior. inFAMOUS beats out Prototype in virtually every way, and just because it is not on the Xbox doesn't mean you need to flex those fanboy muscles hidden between your ears and act all silly up in here.

xwabbit3407d ago (Edited 3407d ago )

360 fan boys putting words in others and getting really defensive :o. What could this mean!
Dam if kz2 is an avg shooter i dk what an outstanding 1 is! Name a Few!
360 kids, first... Sony doesn't spend 30 mil on ads and doesn't hype everything like MS does. Second. 360 was out 16 more months than the PS3, if u sum up all the NPD data of console sales in the same time frame you'll see PS3 has sold more units in the same time frame the 360 was out. PS3 started at 600 bucks, 360 started at 400. PS3 now = 400, 360 now = 200 and it still cant even sell more than the wii and u guys say this console has EVERYTHING but it still cant even manage to come close on wii sales. 360 fan boys are really sad, they can only resort to sales to say their console is better. Y aren't u all on the wii section talking about how awesome wii fit is and all the games it has ? that's the console with most sells and games so ?

Keep making more accounts 360 fan boys, u keep getting sadder every day.

Jazz good place to work, u rlly fit in there cus ur good at 2 things
1) being a 360 fan boy
2) lying to the costumer, which is us the people
Gamestop =360 fan boy territory


gaffyh3406d ago

inFAMOUS is the better game, and I've played both. Prototype is stupid fun, inFAMOUS is hardcore gaming and is my favourite sandbox title this gen.

If fanboys can't see that, tough, they can wallow in their stupidity forever.

Gun_Senshi3406d ago

217 disagrees

Prototype has the worse mapping for controls ever. END.

ThanatosDMC3406d ago (Edited 3406d ago )

I detract my 100 disagree statement and DAMN! Almost 250 disagrees!

On topic: I still havent bought Infamous. I will eventually. Unless Uncharted 2 comes out... then i gotta prioritize. Also, i like Red Faction: Guerrilla so i might get that too. My poor debit card.

BLuKhaos3406d ago

wow it's at 254 disagrees now.

Boody-Bandit3406d ago (Edited 3406d ago )

I guess the majority of gamers on this site prefer inFamous. ;)

Carl14123406d ago

265 disagrees.


DaTruth3406d ago

286 tick, tick, tick! Your disagrees are going up like the U.S. debt tracker!

Sarcasm3406d ago

I have to say, infamous is about an 8/10 for me. Don't hate me, it's just my opinion.

It's fun, has great gameplay elements (which is what counts) but the presentation isn't taking advantage of the PS3's hardware as I'd hope. Honestly, this title technically could have been done on the 360.

BkaY3406d ago

i cant say which one is better coz i havent played both games...

other thing is that nowadays ppl some how manage to get away by saying almost any thing by adding "ohh its just my opinion"...

just like adding "no offense" at the start of the sentence...

for example ... "no offense but you r a xbox hugger"...


DaTruth3406d ago (Edited 3406d ago )

Last night I did your mom... No, don't get mad, it's just my opinion!

No offense, but last night I did your mom... Wait, don't take that bat to my head, I said no offense!!

JL3406d ago

lol 307 disagrees. That's hilarious. I think at this point people are just tacking on disagrees just for the fun of it. It's become a game now. I know I did. While I definitely disagree with what he said, I only later added a disagree just to tack one more on the tally lol (since it doesn't really matter, I would've never done it if it punished him in some way--like giving negative feedback)

Godem3406d ago

haha 300+ disagrees on my comment now, its possibly the greatest thing I have ever done.

JL3406d ago

^lol it is pretty damn funny. my only regret is having but one disagree to give you lol

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Vonsutton3407d ago

But I would love to give it a go, my PS3 has been collecting dust lately..

gaminoz3407d ago

LOL...people gave you disagrees because you want to play it and your PS3 has been gathering dust? What do you people disagree he wants to play it or that his PS3 has been gathering dust?

I think he'd kind of know....

FF7numbaone3407d ago

1. nEVER say a system is collecting dust.

LeonSKennedy4Life3407d ago

1. You do not TALK about dust-collecting...
2. You do NOT talk about dust-collecting...

Bibto3407d ago (Edited 3407d ago )

I know what you mean, but I've found that wiping of my PS3 every now and again with a soft cloth really does miracles for the dust problem. ;)

You can also try reading this:

Narutone663407d ago

everyday and it's still dusty with constructions of the road around my areas.

Motion3406d ago

I use compressed air, avoids smudges on the piano finish :)

Sarcasm3406d ago

Technically, turning on a system to play a game doesn't magically "wipe away" the dust that settles on it.

I have a microfiber nicely covered on my PS3 so that the dust doesn't settle on top of the system.

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chaosatom3407d ago (Edited 3407d ago )

Although the article is good, the headline makes it lose credibility.

Superfragilistic3407d ago (Edited 3407d ago )

OXCGN's known for doing great reviews of PS3 titles and for their E3 lists "Steal it for 360".

Fine by me and kinda flattering an Xbox site says such nice things about the competition.

EDIT @ below: LOL nah I prefer to actually post a comment than click a button. Bubbles for believing in the same thing. :D

chaosatom3407d ago

I do agree the article is good, but the headline is a little awkward nonetheless.

matchgrade3407d ago

Does anyone else find it sad that 360 publications would HAVE a section with that title? YOu don't really see a lot of "Steal it for PS3" articles around, much less with that particular phrasing.