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Jeff Rubenstein: "We're into the Summer now, and while it's not hot here in NorCal (yet), I know that's not the case in most of the country. So here's what you'll be reading if decide to stay inside and cool off in front of the calming glow of the internet this week:

Many of you have been asking about Katamari Forever - Namco Bandai answers the call with their first post on the game
Speaking of NB, we explore the most interesting new mode in Tekken 6
The Punisher: No Mercy gets a release date
The behind-the-scenes look at MAG continues
What is Shatter?
Hustle Kings first details

Also, I'm hoping to get some of the Naughty Dogs in for a Live Chat, though that might have to wait a week or two. Actually, there are a number of groups l'd like to get in here to answer your questions live. Please, help us prioritize!"

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xino3803d ago

Vote for Tecmo/Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2.

You've had your belly filled up with GoW 3's head rip.
You've played the Uncharted 2 beta, what more do you want? (don't be greedy)
Origami/Heavy Rain will soon be release, you've seen numerous videos of the in-game and interviews based on the game that provides enough info.
MAG!? MAG is just Battlefield 2 killer:/
Well details for Assman Creed 2 will be revealed in any gaming magazine.

Vote for Sigma 2!

chaosatom3803d ago (Edited 3803d ago )


Sorry but it looks like GOW3 is going to win. I am going with GOW3.

ThanatosDMC3803d ago (Edited 3803d ago )

Sorry, but i like Uncharted 2 the most.

Voice of Nathan Drake:

Voice of the the Women:

Dragun6193803d ago

Jeff should put an option for Terminal Reality for Their Ghostbusters game, So we can ask why they boast the PS3 version yet the PS3 version was underwhelming compared to the Xbox360 version.

spunnups3803d ago

I doubt TR would show for that. They don't have the cajones.

GameGambits3803d ago

I frequent N4G a lot, but when did I miss that Ghostbusters mattered to anyone anywhere in ANYWAY shape or form?

Did you even play both versions? Do you own any gaming consoles for that matter? I suppose you think you are a hardcore gamer huh, one of those"man I've been there since Asteriods son!" type of fellas. So you explain to me mr hardcore non fanboy flame bait, how the Ghostbusters game matters...

mastiffchild3803d ago

Before you jump up and down on people the TR Ghostbusters debacle DOES matter-and not just from a fanboy perspective and has little to do with being "hardcore" whatever that means in your world.

When a developer says they are leading development on PS3 and trumpet just how they're pushing said hardware yet when the game appears the 360 port outperforms it(and not just a tiny bit either)while the "lead" platform struggles to three quarters of the ports res then something's really awry.

We need to know if TR are lazy or plain crap at developing on new platforms. We need to know if the "complicated " PS3 architecture is the root cause of it OR they ran out of money. OR, and this would mean having to remove KZ2, Uncharted 1 and 2, MGS4 et al, is the PS3 just incapable of doing things as well?

Daft as it might seem, and the lack of everyone being bothered over Ghostbusters is immaterial, all the reasons I listed have been put forward here on N4G to explain the situatuion/rub PS3 owners noses in it. TR need to let us all know just why, when every mp release aims for parity they couldn't manage it even using the PS3 as lead which usually gives a better result for both platforms, no?

If other lazy, money strapped devs see TR getting away with sloppy games for PS3 we will see more of them as cutting corners cuts costs-and if there's no payback for it why wouldn't they shaft PS3 gamers? So, imo, "hardcore" or not the poor performance of TR and Ghosties on PS3 could have important repercussions. Christ! It's not like the game looks amazing even on PC, is it? Even on my gaming rig it doesn't look anything like as good as KZ2 or Uncharted so just how badly have TR messed this up?