Monster Hunter Freedom Unite - PSI Review

From PSI:

"The returning title, Monster Hunter Freedom Unite appeals to both the newcomers and seasoned players alike. Unite is more of the same thing, meaning you don't need to own the previous game to receive the full package. It's all there."

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Honky Kong3794d ago

i have 300 plus hours on the j version. it would be cool if i could use my save file from G to Unite but its doubtful. still gonna get this

sirbigam3794d ago

I can't wait for the U.S version it's coming out today.

qface643794d ago

i wanna play it im just not too excited about it
i have no one else to play with that's why only other person i know that has a psp that actually uses it for games is a 11 year old kid i doubt he would wanna go hunting monsters with me

Keith Olbermann3794d ago

at least give us the online mode you can download on the ps3 like they have in Japan...why has sony not done this??

Blaze9293794d ago

you can download infrastructure mode with this game.