When Will Sony Solve the Pausing Download Problem?

Note: Our apologies a draft version of this article accidentally got posted with inaccurate content, it has been corrected now. Thank you- ZKG

ZKG writes "When the PS3 first debuted, when you went to download demos and such from the PSN you could download multiple things and then you could play a game and they would finish in the background. Well now you can't do that. If you download multiple things from the PS Store and then play a game the downloads pause until you stop playing. Now this is quite slow and really makes no sense."


Story was for research on another article, the article has been removed.

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PirateThom3803d ago

I don't ever recall multiple downloads on PS3... unless you downloaded one in the background and left one downloading while on the store..

prabx3803d ago (Edited 3803d ago )

Some people just can never be satisfied. Example, the writer of this article.

thebudgetgamer3803d ago

its always been like the for me. it seems zo dont know jack.


AKNAA3803d ago

"When the PS3 first debuted, when you went to download demos and such from the PSN you could download multiple things at once"

Either my PSN is messed up from the start, or this guy doesn't really have a PS3!

andron3803d ago

It depends on the game if downloads continue in the background or not. I downloaded stuff in the background just last week, can't remember which game I was playing.

You can check in game in the XMB if the downloads continue or not and plan accordingly. Or set it to download after and let the PS3 shut itself off...

thatruth20063803d ago

"A background download will be temporarily stopped when any of the following operations are performed. The download will be restarted automatically once the operation has completed.
- When playing a Blu-ray Disc or DVD"

Is a PS3 game not a Blu-Ray Disc?

chaosatom3803d ago

I think that a download does pause when I start a game on a disc or I think it sometimes happens.

It's not a super big deal since downloads are kinda fast for me.

gamesR4fun3803d ago

it depends on the game

online games always pause the dls most offline ones dont...

cherrypie3803d ago

What? Downloads pause while you play games? WT heck is that?

Someone is home playing 1 vs 100 earlier this evening, but using I entered two redeem codes for free Xbox LIVE Arcade titles (free Robotron and Joust for registering my console, thx MS) and they will be downloaded while the machine was running.

I started the dload, from the web and they started (and finished no doubt) all while someone was gaming.

That limitation sure does blow on the PS3.

Anon19743803d ago

I guess it's not that big of a deal in the real world if it's even true at all.

xabmol3803d ago

If I'm playing a single player game it downloads in the background just fine. If I play an online MP game, yes it pauses them. Who the hell would want to deliberately cause themselves to lag?!

phosphor1123803d ago

At times I'm waiting for a download..but playing a single player game and it pauses the download. My internet is too slow for multiple downloads at once, so that doesn't bother me, so oh well.

Headshot813803d ago (Edited 3803d ago )

im playing Killzone 2 campaign,downloading the new Clint Eastwood

flick, and (through a router)- browsing on my computer. Another one

ofthose ps3 "bashing" articles fanboys are submitting (according to

GT forums).

and WTF

"Our apologies a draft version of this article accidentally got posted with inaccurate content, it has been corrected now. Thank you-" ZKG
Good thing i copied the real article, and Will be posting it on diff gaming forums, "good job buddy :) "

god_o_war3803d ago

the thing is it will carry-on downloading if the game doesnt have any online functions eg uncharted, ratchet and clank, eternal sonata stc

nix3803d ago

yup.. you're right. plus it does not pause when watching a movie from HDD..

JL3803d ago

xabmol and god_o_war nailed it. It only stops background downloads if the game has online functions, so as not to interfere with the network part of gaming (ie causing lag).
It will also pause downloads if you go to watch movies on disc, Blu-ray or DVD (@thatruth, by blu-ray disc they're just referring to blu-ray movies). Why it does this I'm not sure, though it wouldn't surprise me if the ps3 boots into some other processes or something to go into movie mode. Not sure. Downloading has never been a problem for me though.

barom3803d ago

Article like these is what bothers me. They know absolutely nothing about the issue at hand and they complain about it, and somehow it gets approved on n4g.

It's just freaking annoying. Here's the whole deal, some games will allow downloading (for ONE piece of content) in the background and some will not and thats the end of it.

shadow27973803d ago (Edited 3803d ago )

If the game you're playing is accessing the internet (for leaderboards, multiplayer, etc.), you're download changes to pending, because those things get priority. If the game isn't accessing the internet (certain single player campaigns, for example), the download will continue.

I thought this was common knowledge, it just takes a quick test to figure out.

So the answer is "Never" because it's not a problem at all. Although it would be nice downloads continued while watching DVDs and Blu-ray's.

Edit: Oh and when the PS3 "debuted", it didn't have background downloading at all. Personally, I prefer downloading them one at a time. You can then prioritize them and enjoy one of the downloads while another one is downloading. Stupid article.

singhjeet293803d ago

I mean, if you download and the game your playing attempts to access the internet (ie has online play or is looking for updates or just generally connects to the internet) its not going to download in the background so that the game your playing gets your full bandwidth.

Now if the game has no need to access the internet, your downloads will occur in the background, no problem, simple as that.

Pretty smart system if you ask me.

caladbolg7773803d ago (Edited 3803d ago )

You sure were quick to jump on this article. What is there to say now that the article was proven false? This is your ignorance in living color.

ultimolu3803d ago

...Why would you want to download multiple things anyway?
This guy has no idea what he's talking about. :/

callahan093803d ago (Edited 3803d ago )

I've never experienced multiple things downloading simultaneously, but y downloads definitely download while I'm playing games. They finish all the time while I'm in the middle of playing something. But you can't install it while playing a game.

Also, I just noticed the article has been removed. So this crap website posts a crap article without doing any thinking or research or fact-checking, and then just simply removes it when everybody tells them they're posing inaccuracies. Hah.

sorceror1713803d ago

@ultimolu - I routinely queue up multiple things to download from the store. I usually only hook up about once a week, and I'll grab a couple demos or DLC or whatever.

gatormatt803802d ago

Here is the original article that i had saved as a bookmark on my ps3. Enjoy!! I had really hoped that I wouldn’t have to write this article, I thought that at some point Sony would address this issue and it would just be a short term problem or side effect of something else they had implemented in an earlier update. But after several system updates, both major and minor, this problem still persist. So here is the background for those of you that don’t know. So if you are downloading multiple things from the PS Store in the background such as a movie, and some demos, whichever thing you started first will download completely and then the next thing. The thing that aggravates that though is that apparently any background downloads completely stops once youlaunch a game, even if it doesn’t have an online component. What the ?? If you remember how it used to be before you could start things to downloading, then start playing whatever game you wanted to play and then you would just get a pop-up overlay in the upper right hand corner saying the downloads completed. The lack of that alert is actually what made me notice this issue, I noticed that I wasn’t getting those pop-ups anymore and when I dropped the XMB in and looked at the status of my downloads they were all paused and I couldn’t restart them. I got out of the game and went back to the download screen and then the first download was moving again. Since most people like myself like to start things downloading, and then play whatever I want to play and expect the downloads will stop under these cases: When playing a Blu-ray Disc or DVD. When using network features of online games * When playing PlayStation®2 format software. When starting [[email protected]] When using voice / video chat. When updating the system software. When adjusting setting items under Settings. So it appears that Sony not only knows about the issue but they do it on purpose but why? For some of  the options I understand why but as far as Blu-Ray’s (I know about BD Live but still) and DVD’s I don’t get it. Now I know they did have some problems a while back with games like GTA IV not working right and it was a problem to do with the internet but come on completely dropping support for the capability. I understand that having downloads going in the background may interfere with some games and  that’s cool but you should tell me that and give me the option to find out which ones really have a problem not just take away any choice. I am sure there are plenty of games that work just fine, that have online and work just fine with downloads going in the background.I don’t care if they turn it off by default and say “turning this on may affect the function of some games”.  Bottom line get it fixed to where they don’t interfere or gives us the ability to turn background downloads on during gameplay.  At least then I could have the choice to find out for myself. In this day and age, time is of the essenence and you have to optimize as much as possible and I don’t want to have to always chose between playing a game and downloading media and if Sony understood the lifestyle of its users they wouldn’t make us.

aceitman3802d ago (Edited 3802d ago )

downloads will continue if your playing a game thats not connected to online play so if your downloading a demo game or video or on home and you play online it will pause till your offline if you play a game and it doesnt connect to online then it will continue to download while you play check it out you can check your xmb when u play and check downloads and c if it is downloading . and for the record ps3 and the 360 only downloads one thing at a time its the amount of things you can have pending ...

TheReaper423802d ago

i'm pretty sure ULTI meant "why would you want to dl multiple files when it'll be faster to download 1 first n watch/play that file, then move on to the next queue on the list."

Sarick3802d ago (Edited 3802d ago )

I was able to download multiple movies in the background while playing cross edge.

Maybe some games restrict background downloading, I for 1 am 100% it was downloading while I was playing this game. I was downloading the E3 1gb + press conformance on DSL. While playing the game the network activity went crazy. After about 3 hours of playing cross edge I quit the game and got multiple messages.

E3 part 1 completed
part 2 completed. Etc etc.

It does work on some games. Cross Edge is one of them. It also has online features but only leader boards.

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tdrules3803d ago

you can choose what to download first by pausing the one that started first and the other automatically goes from pending to downloading

andron3803d ago

It's a great tips for those who didn't realize it though. I use it all the time if I download several items and need something to finish first...

Cajun Chicken3803d ago

I never really noticed that. I know that XBL Silver is great for multitasking downloads though.

It is a shame about downloading on PSN, but it's not really that bad.

Brian10243803d ago


Jk. But seriously who cares that much about a small problem, whether it only works for some games online or not, i'm sure many problems on the ps3 will be fixed in the future and with every fixed problem we get closer to becoming one with our console and we can live on as beings of pure energy in another plane of existence. But until that happens, OH WELL.

thatruth20063803d ago

There was a time, I can't remember before which update where if you set four things to download in the background, they would all start downloading at different rates but all at the same time and they didn't stop just because you started playing a game, I mean who wants to chose between playing a game and downloading one?

PirateThom3803d ago

I know some games stop when you play them, but isn't that to do with online? If the game connects online in anyway (even if you're not playing online modes) it stops the downloads?

Immortal Kaim3803d ago

I would assume that is the reason, cause that is what the 360 does, which makes sense. Can someone explain why there is a problem with multiple downloads being put into a cue to dl one after the other? Wouldn't you get horribly slow speeds if you had 4-5 items downloading at once?

Seems like this is purely about generating hits from a non-issue...

thatruth20063803d ago

But it didn't used to do that. Now if you launch a game and you have downloads going they automatically pause until you exit the game, therefore you can't multitask anymore. You have to start downloading stuff and just leave the PS3 on and wait for them to finish, now tell me that doesn't seem inefficient. Or am I the only person that doesn't have time to leave my PS3 on just to download demos, to be quite honest this is the reason I play less demos because now I have to dedicate time for just downloading things, so its download demos or play games I know which one I choose.

YogiBear3803d ago

I find it hard to believe that your time is really that important. Unless you are an open heart surgeon and need to get a quick demo fix.

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jack who3803d ago

rotflmylolz psn already has really slow download speeds now you wanna download multiple demos Simultaneously

user39158003803d ago (Edited 3803d ago )

Its imposible to fix The flopstation 3, becasue sony knows about it and can not fix it, due to crappy hardware and the love from sony outraged fans. PS3 has the best pausing internet experience of the next gen lol.

Geezzzz im tired of all that sony has to offer for example here its a few great experience provided by yours truly flopstation 3:
2 Worst internet with pausing issues and some games does not work
3 Worst controller in History of gaming
4 Its a dust magnet and humidifier
5 Ugliest console ever
6 Continues firmware issues
7 Pink dildo its a plus for some fans
8 Blu ray drive its constantly broken
9 Lack of memory and inferior graphics
10 Third party support are leaving due to crappy architecture

I could go on, but you get the point, or do you? Facts are facts and sony sucks with hardware on every generation having the least reliable garbage, cruel but true.

PirateThom3803d ago

Good lord, how do you manage to even breath? :-/