Capcom and NVIDIA Announce Lost Planet for PC

According to Famitsu, Capcom and NVIDIA are joining forces to develop the PC version of Lost Planet.

It will feature DirectX10 support and will offer up to XHD resolution (2560×1600).

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NewZealander4261d ago

its not bad actually, glad i didnt buy it though cos its a bit short and repetitive

Shaka2K64261d ago

This is another reason why I'm holding back buying a 360, cos I'm gonna get a good gaming pc sometime, and that basically means I get 80% (if not more) of all xbox360 games with free mods and better graphics.
and the games are going to be better on the pc anyway.

eques judicii4261d ago

how do you know it will be better?

dmc3 was awful for the pc...

BIadestarX4261d ago

2 things....
1) There are 2 types of gamers, the ones that purchase a console to play the games that (will) come out and hope promises of good experience are delivered and the gamer that purchase a console for what the console is offering now... you are the belong to the first category, you pay now and expect to play later. I beat Lost Planet like 2 months ago, you will not get this game for another 6 months to a year.

2) Didn't you read "It will feature DirectX10 support and will offer up to XHD resolution (2560×1600)." which means you will need a top of the line PC which will cost you $2000-3000... Sorry to say this but if you pay that much to play lost planet with minor improvements you are an idiot.

Rooted_Dust4261d ago (Edited 4261d ago )

This may not be a reason to go out and buy a Gaming PC, which by the way just because it's will have directX 10 doesn't mean it has to be top of the line $800 at the least, especially because this game wasn't rated that well anyway, but this is an excellent example of why a PC gamer never has to get an Xbox360. I have plenty of games on my PS3 and PC to hold me over till I get the better version of the Xbox360 games.

The_Firestarter4261d ago

He just thinks he knows EVERYTHING. My gaming pc only costed me about $1300 and it plays game like FEAR, Supreme Commander, Call of Duty 2 and Command & Conquer 3 super smoothly. Shut up, you arrogant punk.

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socomnick4261d ago

Console to pc ports are almost always horrible.

highps34261d ago

Great, be pretty cool to up the graphics as well.

2500 x 1600 is the resolution to play at for the Hardcore Elite few that have a rig to push it... And a monitor :)