MSNBC: Top 5 worst video game controllers

MSNBC writes:
They're called "controllers" for a reason. They're suppose to help you control your games. Oddly enough, far too many controllers do just the opposite: They actually hinder play. Though far from being the only perpetrators, the following five are definitely the main offenders.

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PirateThom3797d ago

Hahahaha, the second image:

"( is a joint venture between NBC Universal and Microsoft.)"

Defectiv3_Detectiv33796d ago (Edited 3796d ago )

I always wondered what they were thinking w/ the first Xbox controller, its bad enough people stereotype us americans as a bunch of fatties, now even our controllers are overweight!

And the way they just slapped those black and white buttons on their, at least nintendo used interesting button placement w/ its gamecube controller and its over-abundance of buttons..

As far as the power glove used to go, I used to sport that thing to school! And I was a senior in highschool!(not)

My list for top5 best controllers in no particular order:
PS3 tilt shock
Capcom's Steel Battalion Controller(cmon, that thing was epic, it had like 100buttons, a gear shifter, 3 pedals, and an eject button!)

ID IR A G 0 N3796d ago

the original xbox controller was the reason i hated original xbox, but im glad that they fixed the problem this gen.

read disc error3796d ago (Edited 3796d ago )

they fixed the problem early on last gen too with the S controller

Syronicus3796d ago

Is the reason why Japan does not like Xbox too well... They like things small over there and that first Xbox controller was huge!

shadow27973796d ago

I have to disagree with you about the Gamecube and N64 controllers. The Gamecube controller wasn't awful, but it's certainly not the best, at least in my eyes. I've posted a rant about it before, let's see if I can find it... Ah here it is:

"The D-Pad is too small, the R and L buttons are monstrous, and the Z button doesn't give enough. It's hard to know when you've clicked it. The C stick is basically useless, and the left stick is still made out of the hard plastic that the N64's was made out of. Which results in a sore thumb after long gaming sessions. And I hate the little octagon around the joysticks, I don't like to feel the joystick click when I rotate it. Oh and it's ugly... and purple."

Now the biggest problem about N64 controller was the joystick that eventually went limp after a lot of play, and everyone knows how much of a pain it was trying to play with a limp joystick. I'm also not sure who thought it was a good idea to make a controller where you can't reach all the buttons at once. The Z trigger was pretty cool though, it felt especially good when shooting.

And as much as I like SIXAXIS control and wireless, I think I would put the Dualshock 2 ahead of the Dualshock 3 simply because of the R2/L2 buttons instead of triggers. But it's a close call.

The xbox 360 controller is probably the best, it feels good, but I hate the bumpers. They're just not in a comfortable position for me. And of course the D-pad isn't the best. But those are really the only complaints. The joysticks are awesome though.

Of course, I've been playing PlayStations for so long that they are most comfortable for me. I'm simply not as used to the 360 controller yet.

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DNAgent3797d ago

At least this a real "top 5 worst video game controllers" article unlike that other one.

Elven63797d ago

Atari and Nintendo have made some of the worst IMO.

maniacmayhem3796d ago

LOL @ the Xbox 1 controller.

At my old job we called that contoller the DUKE!

oddly enough the d-pad on the first xbox was leaps and bounds better than the one currently on the 360.

Why is that?

Covenant3796d ago

Myself and my fellow gaming employees called it "the Bruce." No idea why...I guess it sounded a lot like "brute."

(Or maybe, like Bruce Springsteen, it's larger than life). :)

SO VERY thankful for the Controller S...I bought my Xbox right after the change.

Honolulu3796d ago

Yeah, I know. It has a d-pad that was decent enough for schmups and fighters... but I tried playing SC2 with the "duke" once, I still have nightmares. I had to remove my hand from the grip and press the face-buttons manually for it even to work. ;P

PotNoodle3796d ago

Yeah, the first xbox controller was horrible.. nice to see MS learned their lesson mostly and made a much better controller for the 360, though the DPAD is still horrible..

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