Kobe Bryant wins NBA 2K highest achievement

LA PC Game Examiner writes, after an intense cover selection process including possible candidate Dwight Howard, the people have voted, and the computers have tallied the scores choosing Kobe Bryant sporting his number 24 with the Laker's yellow and purple. Congratulations to the Lakers.

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AAACE53803d ago (Edited 3803d ago )

Alot of people hate Kobe for whatever reason, but to me he is one of the best players in NBA history, and it's a shame that up until now, the only game he has been on the cover of was those Nintendo games.

To me he is getting his due credit. Won the olympics this year, learned how to play team ball this year and won a championship without shaq, and now is on the cover of the best basketball game. That's a hell of a year for any athlete.

@LeonSKennedy$Life... Gotta agree, I usually only watch a few minutes of any game during the regular season. I can usually watch a whole game during the playoffs though... Other than that, I just keep up with the Chicago Bears! BTW... This will be a hell of a season!

locos853803d ago

I thought this was announced during the playoffs. Also Dwight Howard is on the cover on NBA Live 10

TheBand1t3803d ago

Achievement Unlocked: Still ain't no MJ.

LeonSKennedy4Life3803d ago

Nobody ever will be though.

That's like comparing Jet Li or Tony Jaa to Bruce Lee.

He could wink and kill any man within 300 yards...

LeonSKennedy4Life3803d ago

This is really cool...


Who still watches basketball?

After the 98' season...everyone stopped.

That was the greatest year in history! Jordan's final run AND the home run race (McGuire and Sosa).

Of course, I'm from Decatur, IL. Maybe it wasn't such a big deal for other people.

SprSynJn3803d ago (Edited 3803d ago )

No, you are right. That was one crazy year. I remember Jordan's name being more popular than basketball itself. I remember when he tried out for the MLB, and ended up going back to the NBA after making "Space Jam". I am remising again, sorry folks. Great man he is, great man.

On a side note, anyone remember that man who got pegged in the eye with McGuire's record hitting ball? Wonder what he's doing now...

Below: Yes I know, I fixed it...

TheBand1t3803d ago

I think you mean 'Space Jam', not Jump.

BWS19823803d ago

Decatur, so yes, remember that summer very well. Never be another Jordan.

On topic, I still have been waiting on NBA 2K9 to drop in price for the PS3, it's gone down in price on every damn other platform, I've seen it for $20 for 360, but never for PS3, now it's almost like I should just wait for the new game if it's significantly better. Sheesh.

SiLeNt KNighT3803d ago

you guys are right. theres no comparing Jordans 81 point game! oh wait...

MVP MVP Kobe Bryant aka Envy Me

BWS19823803d ago

would have mopped the floor with Kobe in both 1 on 1 and a 5 on 5.

kb8mvp813803d ago

hahaha you need to stop being ignorant kobe has better footwork and a better outside shot.

BWS19823803d ago

being a legend does. You must not have seen years of Jordan playing to know how unlikely it is that Kobe has anything on him. Kobe's best footwork is going up court stairs. :D

Kobe's one of the greatest, but if you've seen Jordan's highlights, you'd know thus far he's untouchable.

SiLeNt KNighT3802d ago

Jordan was clutch, and pretty much always came up with the win. The difference is Kobe is clutch, AND unstoppable. There are more athletic people in the NBA today then when Jordan was in the league. Same as when Wilt was in the league. I'm white but im just sayin, there were a bunch of short white dudes in the league when Wilt scored his 100 point game. The Bulls not only had an excellent starting 5 but a bench that could beat many other teams starters. Teams weren't able to double team Jordan as they can with Kobe. Jordan has 6 rings, Kobe has 4 and still has 8 more years in the league. When Bynum grows more and they can get a decent point guard in Fishers place the Lakers will be unstoppable.

And as for a 1 on 1 comparison...Kobe is taller, faster and can jump higher. His outside game is better, his post up game is better. All around Kobe is an excellent player. Jordan was great for sure but not taking into consideration the team he had with him, Kobe would take Jordan out.

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rimbreaker3803d ago

most basketball players worth their weight in salt would at least acknowledge kobe as being a more talented offensive player. Or u can all just be mj fanboys. that works too

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