Manhunt 2 Teaser

New official teaser trailer from Manhunt 2.

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ChickeyCantor4264d ago

their slogan should be:
LOW-poly to the max =/

masterg4264d ago

Looks so last gen.
Ohh wait its on Wii.

techie4264d ago

Dudes seriously shut up. It's meant to look like that. Can you imagine what Manhunt would be like if it was realistic!!!???

Note: voice acting in a game, ever. And I'm not joking.

ChickeyCantor4264d ago

i was just saying rockstar is a fan of low-poly or something.....even GTA had ugly models its not even funny!

how about you keep your shizzle to your self ok, g?
unintelligent comments like that are just useless!

Auron4264d ago

tho it would of been nice to see it on the 360 or ps3..

Evil Rant Monkey4264d ago

Wasn't the first game banned and scrutinized because it was so "brutal"? So now they decide they will release their sequel on Wii? A little ironic to me {D

kornbeaner4264d ago

The first game is still amongst one of my favorites.

can't wait to play the second

bloop4264d ago my top 20 fave games of all time for definite, but why the hell are they wasting it on the Wii?!?!?! Not dogging the Wii, Ive got one and its great fun with a few beers, but man, just think of what they could do with Manhunt on the PS3 or 360!!! Im drooling just thinking about it. Having said that though, it'd probably be banned before it even hit the shelves.

eclipsegryph4264d ago

I can't really see what more the devs could do with Manhunt 2 for the 360 or PS3 aside from make it longer and make it prettier. The statement that is being asked is "Just think of what they can do with Manhunt on the Wii."

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The story is too old to be commented.