The Conduit Limited Edition unboxing video and new trailer; ships tomorrow, share Friend Codes

We're only a couple of days away from cracking some conspiracies and Drudge's skulls (or exo-skulls) on The Conduit for the Wii. SEGA whets your appetite on the GameStop Exclusive Limited Edition of The Conduit with a new unboxing video released today. Take a peek at it below (there are also some things you won't see in the video: an exclusive mulitplayer Agent skin and a new skin for the All Seeing Eye). There's also a newly released video titled "The Conduit DC Monumental Trailer."

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Myst3796d ago

Darn wish I could get this tomorrow, but pay day is Wednesday and Monster Hunter has stolen tomorrow's spot. Though I do hope and plan to get this game.

qface643795d ago

im a stump here
i only have so much money left over at the moment
i can either get the conduit tomorrow stay home play it online etc or i can go out tomorrow hit the town with a friend go see transformers at midnight etc

i just can't decided T.T

nikola9873795d ago

man,fu*k friends. if you and others don't support this game there will be plenty of free time for friends in the future because there won't be any good games anymore on wii,and I sure don't wont to go on X360 or worse on PS3, I'm not that desperate yet :D