Fallout license changes hands

Gamasutra has gotten word of new filings with the SEC show that Oblivion and current Fallout 3 developer Bethesda Softworks has officially purchased the Fallout series IP from current holders Interplay for $5.75 million, with Interplay now acting as licensee for its own planned Fallout MMO.

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MK_Red4266d ago

Well, now hopefully we will see more of Fallout3 than posters in E3... Bethesda behind Fallout3, they HAVE to make it M rated and follow Black Isle's path or the world will come to an end.

The Real Joker4266d ago

The world will definately come to an end if it is not rated M. I have been saving money, making home improvements, planning for the future but F!#% it becasue the world is going to end. STD time!