PlayStation Phone Update

LivePlayStation: Wondering how long you'll have to wait until you can play PlayStation games on a certain phone? How does this fall sound?

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gaffyh3797d ago

I approved this article, but I'm pretty sure the guy means via remote play, not downloading directly to the phone. But if the games do download to the phone, it would be great.

dragunrising3797d ago

Gorgeous phone although I doubt it will play every PSN game. For one, the operating system is Symbian. Games would need to get ported and also have some sort of digital joystick w/ buttons (like the iPhone). Remote play sounds far more likely. $10 this phone will never come to Verizon:-(

barom3796d ago

Actually if the quote is true, then it sounds like it could play Playstation 1 games, which I think is very much possible.

I'd personally would be more interested in the Aino for remote play as playing games on phones is generally difficult (button placements is always weird).

JL3797d ago

No chance for what? I mean everything in there was already confirmed by Sony Ericsson themselves. It will be a phone, it will play playstation games and it will be out this fall.

krouse933797d ago

you know what if something like this happens Sony is gonna be like microsoft is with PC's having other hardware devices to play your software on while the hardware might vary the software stays the same. I mean thats kinda wishful thinking though. I plan on buying the PSP GO! either way though.

JL3796d ago

I don't have that much use for portable gaming to buy even the PSP GO! Nor do I ever pay ungodly prices for phones like this, so won't be getting it either. I always get just the free phone that comes with contract renewal lol. All I need it to do it make calls. Though will say, if they market and push it right, this could rival iphone

Ju3796d ago

Not sure if it'll run PSP games. I know, however, that the Media Go! recognizes the PSP and Sony-Ericson phones now. Well, could simply be for movies and audio, but maybe also games. "PlayStation Games" can mean PS1 games, like the PSP, PS2 and PS3 can already play. That I can easily imagine, because these phones are fast enough to emulate the PS1.

Liamabob3796d ago

Look up the phone on the official SE site.
There's no mention of PS1, or any playstation games being playable.

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IVYvsTAKI3797d ago

and when I do, I may get one. I'm in the market for a new phone right now anyway, and I don't want an iphone... no word on which carrier will have it this fall, huh?

themyk3797d ago

iPhone is awesome. Especialy after u jailbreak it. Sweetest handheld device I've ever had anyways.

ShinFuYux3797d ago

Something this nice would come with a hefty price tag, though.

themyk3797d ago

Sounds great. 12mp camera daaaaaaaaamn. If it's AT&T I might consider a trade for the iPhone. But it's gonna have to be awesome.

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The story is too old to be commented.