Rockstar Explains Difference Between Building Grand Theft Auto On PSP And DS

Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars is a DS exclusive no more; Rockstar Games announced today the touch screen-enabled trip through Liberty City is arriving on PSP later this year. Lower-than-expected sales may have been a primary motivator here, but is moving the game to PSP the right move? Chinatown Wars is not the GTA experience Rockstar has delivered on the platform before -- in fact, prior to Chinatown Wars' release, Rockstar told the press there were specific reasons GTA was different on each platform.

Gordon Holl, founder and president of Chinatown Wars developer Rockstar Leeds, was interviewed by a number of publications, where he discussed the reasons Chinatown Wars looked and felt so different from Rocsktar's previous GTA handheld games.

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SpoonyRedMage3800d ago

I think it'd be hilarious if COP: The Recruit and Car Jack Streets both sold more than Chinatown Wars.

3800d ago
jessehaysfl3800d ago

Why would you want any game developer to fail?

Even if you don't like the games they make, you must understand that competition in this industry drives all games to be better. So in effect you would be happy if you got sh!tty games?

I'm not sure I understand where you are coming from....

SpoonyRedMage3799d ago

Oh you got me wrong, the state of the Chinatown Wars sales is dreaful but I think it'd be funny if two unknown, new GTA-clones for the DS outperformed it because it'd be one of those "WTF!?" moments.

ape0073800d ago

each and every psp owner here to buy this game,I have it,it's sick and feels fresh

day 1 buy on psp

great news R*

qface643800d ago

will it still feel fresh and be the same on the psp though?

im guessing its going to have gta psp kind of gameplay or will the over the head view remain?

Alvadr3800d ago

Why would I buy a 2D GTA on my PSP when i can purchase San Andreas

jessehaysfl3800d ago

Rockstar didnt say it was a 2d game...and neither is the one on DS....

Alvadr3799d ago

Ok maybe its not 2D but its still top down-old school GTA 2D style

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badz1493800d ago

the previous 2 GTAs on the PSP were great hits and I think adding CTW to the lineup is going to add up to the value both of the PSP and the game itself! I was skeptical went I 1st heard that R* were planning on releasing CTW on the DS seeing that the market of the DS is pretty much dominated by the casuals and they already have 2 successful GTAs on the PSP! like predicted, it didn't sell very well and they have to make this decision. but that's nothing but good news for PSP owners! I can't wait

Scelestus3800d ago

I still don't understand why people would buy this when the PSP can and has run /real/ GTA games.

BLuKhaos3800d ago

It was actually a fun game.It really brought me back to the old GTA 1+2 days.

LiL T3800d ago

"FULLY realised" GTA's only on sony platforms. disagree all you want but thats the truth.

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