Guitar Hero 5 Box Art Revealed

Today Activision released the box art for one of their many new Guitar Hero games. The artwork is for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of Guitar Hero 5. The cover features equipment including a case, a guitar in the background, and an older looking amp.

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TheHater4115d ago

Another one? Wasn't a Guitar Hero release last week? Wow talk about milking a series.

Pennywise4115d ago

There is a fine line between milking and killing. I think they are trying to kill it.

TIKUP4115d ago

that made me laugh alot!! ahahahaha

bubbles to both +

AKNAA4115d ago

Anyways, Lets hope for the sake of activision that they still have their guitar hero fans on the ps3, after their ridiculous threat to Sony eh! lOl!

qface644115d ago

am i the only one that finds it funny the fact that its a ps3 box lol

njr4115d ago

Ugh, I think World Tour is the last Guitar Hero I will buy.

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TheColbertinator4115d ago

Another Guitar Hero? No way! /sarcasm

OfficerTenpenny4115d ago

Anyone else feel like the text on the box looks like an ad? Their games used to be iconic enough to sell on their own (Rock Band too - black box).

skip2mylou4115d ago

holy crap their already on 5!!??

PirateThom4115d ago

5 main games, that doesn't account for 5 spin offs and various handheld and phone versions.

So, even if you take just the console games, that's 10 games in about 5-6 years.

Mr_Showtime14115d ago

God help us if Activison where to pull this from us playstation owners.


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The story is too old to be commented.