GDN: InFamous Review

GDN writes: "So far, you've heard plenty of complaints. What's good about inFamous then? It's fun. Surprisingly, it is a fairly decent game, one that deserves credit. It has it's hiccups, and won't live in our memories forever, but inFamous treats players with a strong 10-15 hours of solid gameplay and a reasonable story. It's especially convenient that this PS3 title doesn't require installation and that load times aren't a problem. With no multiplayer and almost no replayability, I can't in good conscience recommend it for purchase. The perfect game to rent, but not a great purchase".

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sak5003801d ago

Hmnmm going down towards the mediocre catagory.

PirateThom3801d ago

No it's not... you know, since it's released and a lot of people love it.

redsquad3801d ago (Edited 3801d ago )

Not for those of us who love the game of course. You not one of them? Hard cheese.

Finished the game on 'Good' after at least 15 hours and loved every minute of it. The detail in the city is beautiful and just feels soooo 'real'. Replaying now as 'Evil'...

Elvfam5113801d ago

really? I think it's worth the 60 bucks since it has good and evil but whatever

and I think the replay value is higher than he thinks

OmarJA3801d ago (Edited 3801d ago )

Reported as spam, ignorant & say hello to my ignore list.

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jarhead9063801d ago

"So far, you've heard plenty of complaints."

Actually I've heard nothing but praise for the new franchise(?) and how fun it is. The demo alone made me want to get the game one way or another, which is a rare sensation from demos this generation.

And why the hell are you (GDN) configuring 'Multiplayer' into your judging system? Since when does a game have to have multiplayer in order for it to be good game. 0.1/10.0 my rear end.

CoxMulder3801d ago

Because it's a user-review? And probably one of the first ones he's ever written?

You should check out his review of that Razer Sphex mouse-pad, it's pretty good.. ;)

But seriously, why is this on N4G skynidas??

deadreckoning6663801d ago

Why do people get pissed when INFAMOUS scores in the 7s? Its not the first one ya kno...

redsquad3801d ago

I don't. I only get 'pissed' at the few unimaginative fools who cry "Nyah, nyah, another PS3 FLOP!! LOLZ!!!" whenever one of these scores turns up.