GameZone: Monster Hunter Freedom Unite Review

GameZone writes: "Monster Hunter Freedom Unite for the PSP is indeed a bigger and better game than Freedom 2, although the core game is still the same no matter what extras are included. Still, the new content does make for a far richer experience that should be worth the purchase price for fans who did buy Freedom 2. For those who missed out on the last title will definitely be surprised by all the things that make this such an exciting and deeply involving Monster Hunter game".

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Myst3803d ago

I officially hate this day. Why can't gamestop have it as "shipped on the 22nd and released (that is in stores) on the 23rd."

I got up at least an hour and a half earlier than expected this morning to get the game, oh well. *Grabs the anvil hammer* This will have to do until 10:30 tomorrow morning. *runs off* Come here you kut-ku!