G.R.A.W Coming To iPhone?

AppGamer writes "On Friday I got the chance to sit down with Julian Stocker and Alexandra Pontikis of Gameloft, who were kind enough to let me try my hand at the forthcoming Guitar Rock Tour 2, and the recently released Castle of Magic. After this, I got to throw a few questions their way, and although they were understandably tight lipped about their partnership with Ubisoft, I was able to extract one interesting nugget of information.

After proposing that the Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter series would lend itself perfectly to the Terminator Salvation engine, Alexandra Pontikis confirmed that there were indeed more games on the way that would utilise that engine, but could neither confirm nor deny whether it would be Ghost Recon..."

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SpoonyRedMage3804d ago

Don't forget the DSiware guys! You know you love us! Asphalt 4 rules!

PS360WII3804d ago

I like how they call it the Terminator Salvation engine but forget about Brother in Arms... but yes it is a worthy engine and works very well for 3rd person shooters. Go Gameloft

SpoonyRedMage3804d ago

Gameloft are indeed great and have found a good market for themselves. They're actually owned by Ubisoft aren't they?

The engine does look good.

PS360WII3804d ago

Well according to Wiki "founded by the Guillemot family brothers, founders and owners of video games leader UbiSoft"

So in a round about way they are owned by Ubi but I don't think so in terms of stock options and fiscal reports.

SpoonyRedMage3804d ago

Ahh, that's interesting. I know one brother is head of Ubisoft and one's the head of Gameloft. It's quite strange, seems kind of like what Squaresoft did when they formed the Crystal Chronicles Dev team.

Anyway, both Ubisoft and Gameloft are great. Lot of great games coming from them this year. Gameloft really won me over with Asphalt 4, I'm even considering getting Real Football 09 and Pop Superstar!