Microsoft confirms Vista OEM hack

In response to widespread chatter on blogs and forums, Microsoft has acknowledged the presence of hacks that may allow pirates to bypass the product activation security feature in its Windows Vista operating system...

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Marty83704267d ago (Edited 4267d ago )

Too many bugs and driver issues, not worth upgrading yet.

kornbeaner4267d ago

Security has always been issue with windows OS.

Thats lame they still cant get it right.
If Linux was more user friendly I love to use.
Or if Mac offered more User applications that would be the way to go.

BIadestarX4267d ago

What's funny is that if MAC or Linux would be the mainstream or be used more than windows they would be having security issues.
You people are under the impression that linux and mac are secured and impossible to hack.

I use linux and mac... so I know.. check this out:

As you can see, both of those OS have to do security patches...
But why would windows have more security issues?

Well, isn't obvious that the OS with 90%+ market share would have 90% of hackers aiming towards finding ways to hack it.

Now that Mac and linux are doing better in terms of marketshares their security risk and patches also increased.

I remember when people use to say that IE was a security nightmare and Firefox was market as secured and people thought it couldn't be hacked.

Here is an example of what's happending now that firefox is gaining so much ground:

What I said aboved it was not said to put down MAC, linux or firefox... It was simply to prove that hackers aim at systems with the most users (specially non technical) and the risk and number of attack will depend no necessarily because of the system not being secured but the number of hackers interested in hacking it.

artman4267d ago


kornbeaner: what application that you want from mac? they already have a bunch of good application already... except for games...

kornbeaner4267d ago

those are the applications I speak of.

pshizle4267d ago

it actually the first reliable os from microsoft