Splinter Cell Gets 8.0 For PS3

Here is Gamespots review of Splinter Cell Double Agent for the PS3 which for some reason Gamespot decided to give it a lower score than the 360 version.

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Zaskark24259d ago

Before PS3 FANBOYS start attacking my comment section I am just posting a review and I did not make this review so if you have any hate or need to cry go to Gamespots website and wine to them.

techie4259d ago

I suggest this for a description

" Splinter Cell makes a solid debut on the PlayStation 3 by delivering more of its signature stealth action gameplay along with its unique multiplayer modes.
The Good: Stealth action gameplay remains tense and exciting; rich multiplayer suite improves on the spies-versus-mercenaries gameplay; campaign's trust system makes you think your actions through.
The Bad: Missing some of the graphical features seen in the Xbox 360 version; some frame rate issues and long load times."

That has all the flamebait you need DK

Robert223884259d ago

The title clearly says "PS3" yet all these Xbots flood in here talking about US flaming.

Go back to waiting for Halo and stop flaming.

BubblesDAVERAGE4259d ago

Its not sonys fault that the developers cant do the same game twice right. Maybe Ubisoft needs to get some outside help to developing ps3 game4s like thoes people making killzone.

End1ess4258d ago

that makes no sense...ubi is hands down one of my favorite companies, when they do stuff, they do it right and when they have to do it again, they do it better and still include all the great stuff from before
graw and graw 2 perfect example
rainbow 6 another good one

i only wish ea could be as good.

my point is, this is in no way a fault of ubi, they do a bang up job every time, don't even start putting blame on them.

BIadestarX4259d ago (Edited 4259d ago )

Dark, if I were you I wouldn't lose sleep over that. Unless the news you post are not praising the PS3, Sony fanboys will start the flame. Just post the news as you get them. They will never be happy unless it's what they want to hear.

@Sony fanboys, if it makes you feel better. The developers who made this game suck and made this game suck at purpose. Heck, gamespot sucks to for making this review and are bias Microsoft fanboys. [excuse my sarcasm].

Boink4259d ago

ubisoft sucks, they are MS fanboys, they did it deliberatly, they needed more time, they are lazy programmers, you just wait till MGS and kill zone are out, gears sucks.

that should save the fanboys some posts.

power of Green 4259d ago

Not the PS3s fault?, you made beer come though my

Robert223884259d ago

There is more technology in one SIXAXIS controller than there is throughout your entire console.

Get over it...

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The story is too old to be commented.