It Is A Mistake To Compare iPhone To The DS Or PSP Says Touch KO Duo

AppGamer writes "In an interview published earlier today Adam and Matt Mechtley, the duo behind the upcoming Touch KO boxing title, claim that it is a mistake to compare the iDevices with the DS or the PSP despite the fact their game looks (arguably) good enough to run on either platform...

"The iPhone and iPod touch are clearly viable gaming devices--tons of people are buying and playing tons of games on them. However, we think it's a mistake to compare them to PSP and DS. This has nothing to do with performance or technical capabilities (take a look at games like Need for Speed, Sims 3, Real Racing, 2XL Supercross, and a lot of Gameloft titles, among others). The difference is really just in how people use their devices..."

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pxpxp3801d ago

because gaming is secondary for the iPHONE unlike the DS and PSP