IncGamers Review - Overlord: Dark Legend

James Chalmers puts fairytale creatures to the axe in Overlord: Dark Legend on the Wii.

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Leord3805d ago

Huh. Lower score than I would have anticipated.

syrinx3805d ago

Looks like the Wii version doesn't quite cut the mustard :(

Seferoth753805d ago

Let's be honest. With Media bias against the Wii the way it is this is an 8 on the PS3 or 360. Have to add points to most Wii games to get the true score.. Glad to see this got a higher review than Infamous also.. Hey if 1 review is all you need to call it bad i can take the worst infamous review and do the same

Anon19743805d ago (Edited 3805d ago )

What on earth are you talking about? The Wii is the undisputed media darling this gen. And why would you even drag Infamous into this. The two titles aren't even remotely related, and Infamous is happily sitting on a metacritic score of 85.

Did you get into the cactus juice again?

bjornbear3805d ago

Why the whine? The review is poor and its the 1st but how many Wii games that have potential always lack anyway? There are hundreds of "exclusive ports" for the Wii of great franchises that just fail.

Its just not the gaming station for games like these...its a fact...the greatest dev for the Wii is Nintendo, otherwise it has a bad tendancy to fail.

Don't drag in other console exclusives, and don't compare them to luck luster games, especially if you've never played either games.

Xander-RKoS3805d ago

I think some people need to read that review... It was horrible and barely touhed on any gameplay../

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