Digital downloads could spell the end for video game stores

Will digital downloads kill the video games store?

That's the multibillion dollar question facing retailers like Target which splashed out on large booths at the recently concluded E3 Expo in Los Angeles, which showcased games like Activision's "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen."

But gamers - especially on personal computers - are increasingly turning to alternative methods to play and buy games, such as downloading or "streaming" online games, rather than trekking to a store.

Take industry veteran Dave Perry, whose Gaikai online system lets PC gamers buy and stream games through their Web browsers without needing to download any content.

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Christopher3799d ago

Long Answer: Only when I can download a 30+ GB game in full 1080p HD in only an hour and have a HD drive that can hold 100+ of these type of games on it as well as provide a streamlined method for backing up and restoring the data (currently takes up to 2 hours to back up 40GB of data on my PS3 and another 2 to restore). This also goes for distribution, meaning how cheap would it be to distribute 12 million copies of COD4?

JeffGUNZ3799d ago

I think they answer is yes/no...But we won't see ANYTIHNG like that for years. Everything is going to be digital in 5-10 years from now. The stores will still stay around for VERY long because everybody won't adapt. They will be integrated, where you have the choice.

madpuppy3799d ago

Unless they drop all games down to 20.00 and give the ability to archive the game it is a big scam. Give me a product that has some sort of resale/trade value. I LIKE a library of games on a shelf, I don't like the Idea of relying on the kindness of game developers to redownload a game I either had to delete to make room for more games or I had a hard drive failure and need to download my whole library again. It is a scam and the only entity that benefits from it are the suits.

Expy3799d ago

With games getting bigger and bigger, do they honestly think people will wait for a 9GB-50GB game to download when they can just go out and grab it off the shelves?

That coupled with digital-insecurity about failing hard drives or lack of hard drive space (and corporations charging insane amounts for small hard drives) will delay this "gaming-gone-digital-100% " stuff.

Forget about MP3s and Videos which range from 3-1000MB, that's nothing compared to the bandwidth of millions of 9-50GB software packages.

jarhead9063799d ago

Full digital downloads for retail games won't be happening until a long time. Especially when the average internet connection speed is mediocre at best in NA.

When this does happen, or if it's pushed too early, then I'm going to switch over to the PC world.