Evidently it's still cool to hate on Blu-ray: Harris Poll spin

EngadgetHD: We'd expect nothing less from some, and honestly 90 percent of the time we just ignore these types of posts, but when our friend CmdrTaco from Slashdot gets in on the fun we just can't help ourselves. It all started with that Harris Poll late last week in which stand-alone Blu-ray players got their own box instead of being grouped in with the PS3.

So of course it's more fun to point out that only 7 percent of Americans own a stand-alone Blu-ray player than it is to recognize the fact that twice that many can actually watch Blu-ray Discs thanks to the PS3. So while it is true that HD DVD managed to sell more stand-alone players than Blu-ray, even today, it is still true that Sony's PS3 strategy was successful in selling more more Blu-ray Discs than HD DVDs. Which is in the end what really matters.

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Jamie Foxx3803d ago (Edited 3803d ago )

i know a couple360 owners who bought the HD-DVD add on at £100... ouch

GWAVE3803d ago

The only people still hating on Blu-Ray are the butt-hurt media outlets that wrote article after article after article about how Blu-Ray would certainly fail and how HD-DVD was the next step forward. Everyone else is getting with the program and buying Blu-Ray.

PirateThom3803d ago

I think people who hate on Blu-ray think downloads are the future, but, I now believe they will work in tandem with each other, like CDs and MP3s, due to some people still liking physical products

darthv723803d ago

I like the hddvd drive on the 360. When watching a movie (be it dvd or hd) I always play them through that drive instead of the 360 main drive. Less wear and tear and noise. I really can't say the same about the ps3 cause it is my only blu player. It gets use for both movies and games so I worry about longevity. Havent had any problems with either.

GWAVE3803d ago

@ PirateThom

Eh, I know what you're saying, but hating on Blu-Ray because "downloads are the future" is silly. Yes, downloads may very well be the future, but Blu Ray is now. It would be like refusing to play PC games in the early '90s because you were waiting for Valve to release their Steam service.

PirateThom3803d ago

I don't get it either. I especially don't understand people with HDTVs who swear by downloads, because every download service is currently in its infancy and still lower quality, perfect for rental services, but for ownership, you really need DVD or, if you want HD, Blu-ray.

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dj555555553803d ago

Netflix is a U.S. product Blu Ray isn’t this is why the American media constantly attack Blu Ray and the PS3 and praise the 360 and Netflix. This accounts for the poor sales we see in the U.S. of the PS3 and Blu Ray its not down to the quality of the product its down to the media siding with a company that benefits them finically

jack_burt0n3803d ago

Even after torrenting an 8gig hd rip I still end up buying the BD for true HD picture and sound DTSMA and pcm multichannel has been just as big an upgrade as hd picture quality.

bigj3803d ago

I do not think anybody is blown away by bluray.Its not like going from vhs to dvd and the way the economy is nobody can really see the point.The majority of people with HDTVs is 720p and I can say theres not a $300 to $400 worth difference with 720p tv.If you can afford a 1080p tv then I am sure buying a bluray player is not a problem.I only know a few people with 1080p tvs and none of them care about bluray.Its just not that important to people.DVD movies will not be replaced anytime soon.Sony has tried forcing a format thats not needed right now.

Nineball21123803d ago

Heh... whatever gets you through it.

I actually know some people who know other people who work with people who say that they ONLY buy Blu-rays and/or watch Blu-rays because it's such an ungodly difference between DVDs and blu-rays...

See? I can pull stuff out of my nether region as well.

Blu-ray is doing phenomenal considering how short of a time span it's been out. And there is a big difference in the visual quality with Blu-Rays.

If Sony "forced" this as a format... well then, I'd have to say "Thanks Sony!" because not only am I getting the benefit of some great movies, but it also offers me as a gamer added benefits as well.

PirateThom3803d ago (Edited 3803d ago )

I don't buy DVDs anymore, even though they're upscaled and my TV isn't the biggest in the world, I notice enough of a difference to make Blu-rays, even though a tad more expensive, a worthwhile purchase.

Hell, my grandmother noticed the difference between DVD and Blu-ray.

Toshiba tried to force a format as well, it's not like Sony didn't have competition for "HD media of choice".

prunchess3803d ago

After seeing '300' and 'The Dark Knight' on Bluray I gave up on DVD. The sound and picture is worth the extra couple of bucks. I've a 42" 1080p LG LCD. Bluray is a visual treat when played on it.

Jockamo3803d ago will "Cloud-like" gaming.

It took SOOO long for DVDs to overtake video tapes. And look at how dramatic the difference was between THOSE two formats. The differences between DVDs and Blurays are quite honestly, minimal, compared to the differences between VHS and DVD. The turn-over rate will, I believe, take so much longer.

Meanwhile, you have this streaming format striving forward. The sheer convenience of this format appeals to all, with obvious dramatic differences between DVD and Streaming.

Blueray is just a reiteration of what the Laserdisc format was during the early 90s.