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Mu5afir4337d ago

I have always wanted a game like this.. should be a fun experience.

ChozenWoan4337d ago

I've already chozen my PMC.... Ravens FTW!

Between MAG and Demon Souls, my holiday season will be quite full.

FamilyGuy4337d ago

That the idea for this came from some "Real War"-like rts
It's a friggin rts were each drone is now a human controlled player.

I hope it does well, i want to know more about what happens if players loose their connection or drop out, can they be replace? Can you be loaded into an already on going match at like a spawn point or do you just have to wait for a new match to start?
What are the vs options in size? Can you choose to play a 32:32 match or are the only option 128:128 and 64:64?

ChozenWoan4336d ago

On the playstation forums they have a whole section dedicated to MAG.

The following is just a small snipet of the info available.

Gameplay Information:

• First Person Shooter (FPS)

• Aiming for "T" Rating

• Wave Respawn

- You spawn in "timed waves" and you spawn in with your squad.

- Some lucky squads get to paradrop into the combat zone or ride in on APCs

• 256 players online

- Can be on screen at the same time, so it is not broken down into split areas of the map

• Strictly multiplayer - Online only

- Possibly only retail release (Ed Byrne stated, "MAG is too massive to be a mere downloadable title)

- No splitscreen (Mike Gutmann stated, "We've got huge environments and lots of streaming going on to achieve fidelity - split screen would cause some real limitations)

- There will be an offline training course to let you get up to speed with controls, weapons, and all the equipment

• Action Shooter at its core

• Long Term Goals

• Vehicles including ground and air combat (unmanned)

• Destructability only with objects that can be destroyed or repaired, not full destruction.

• Set in the near future, 20 years from now

- Many weapons in the game are weapons currently in experimental/testing phases

• Audio cues (like air raid sirens after anti-aircraft positions are destroyed) inform teams if the attacking team is making ground

• Game modes ranging from 64 to 256 players

• Biggest maps are appx. 1 square kilometre

- Maps are based on three global regions - Alaska, Central Asia, and Central America

• Matchmaking fast and streamlined

• Push to talk (PTT) mics

- Squad channel

- Command channel (allows squad leaders to talk amongst themselves, as well as platoon leaders)

- Company channel (allows platoon leaders to talk together with the OIC)

• FREE online play

LukaX234337d ago

Can't wait for the beta :D

WildArmed4337d ago

Although graphics may not be Uncharted/MGS4 calibur. The liberty to play with 256 players makes up for it!

Can't wait! Looks like GOTY contenders 4 FPS games this year

LinuxGuru4337d ago

This game will be perfect for large gaming communities that want to have game nights.

paul03884337d ago

Since zipper is making it, expect the ranking & command system to be tight and user friendly. Hopefully it ships with a microphone so everyone can communicate like in Socom. That's vital to this game's success because, from what I can gather, teamwork is everything

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