1UP: Overlord II Review

It's kind of a cliché in BDSM circles that the sub is really the one in charge of things, and it's a truism that easily carries over into Overlord 2. You may be a big evil badass with glowing eyes and an axe the size of a compact car, but it's your swarm of diminutive minions that take center stage, and ultimately seem to be the ones actually running the show. After all, there's probably a reason the little beasties go through Overlords like most people go through socks. Finding out just why that is, and what really happened to all your predecessors (of which there have been at least three, at last count, and probably more), is just a part of the game's hook.

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Lucreto3804d ago

Good score I will most definitely get this game now. If 1UP gave that score it has to be good.

Darkfiber3804d ago

Edit: If Sharkey gave that score it has to be good.