Tekken 6 - New Characters Revealed

Namco-Bandai Games has today released another handful of character profiles for the forthcoming Tekken 6, due to arrive later this years on PLAYSTATION 3 (PS3) and Xbox 360. As the first title in the Tekken series to launch on the Current-Generation, anticipation is riding extremely high for the flagship Beat-'Em-Up series.

The full details of the latest selection of characters revealed for Tekken 6 follows below, and be sure to check back at Electronic Theatre for more details on Tekken 6 coming soon.

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El Botto3804d ago (Edited 3804d ago )

The story for the characters are pretty wack.

But still Tekken 6 is probably the most technical fighter of this moment. A must buy day one.

EDIT: the juggles require skill to perform

Besides, a noob comes dashing at me throwing punch after punch. What does he expect me to do other than juggle his ass?

Baka-akaB3804d ago

I vastly prefer tekken over any of the 3d fighters (sf4 is 2d) but it's hardly the most technical .. especially with that trend of long juggle combos that only keeps getting worse with the 6 .

A day one purchase for me as well however .

stevenhiggster3803d ago

Most likely a day one for me too, Tekken was the only reason I bought a psone back in the day.

I do hate the stupid juggle combos though :-(

FamilyGuy3803d ago

The only thing i hate about the juggling combos is the way they're animated. You get a stiff body stuck in the air and it keeps getting hit in different ways and places but it stays this stiff looking model. No indication that this punch hit their stomach (while in air) and the next hit hit their foot (while in air).
Just explosive dust after explosive dust.

I like tekken and will be picking it up to see how well they've made the new weapons system and that "tekken force" looking mode.

BkaY3803d ago

but hey juggles are fun... take time to master em...

btw i love your avatar...... Warhawk FTMFW!!!!!!


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