New Champions Online Screenshots

Cryptic has released ten new screenshots of its upcoming superhero MMO, Champions Online.

The latest images show various heroes battling evil with a wide range of weapons and abilities.

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Malfurion3805d ago

Amazing how many screens these guys keep pumping out :P

Dorjan3805d ago

I really don't like that thick black line around everything!

Christopher3804d ago

I really like the Cell-shaded look. It makes it feel and look a lot more like you're in a living comic-book. The art direction in this game is really way and above that of what was used with CoH/CoV, IMHO.

And, no, I didn't click your disagree button, one of the N4G phantom disagree-ers did that.

Maticus3805d ago

The graphics really are very pleasing to the eye

Leord3805d ago

Can't wait until September!

Fyzzu3805d ago

I wish they'd stop teasing with screenshots and give us the game. Although now that I think about it, I suppose I'd rather have the game polished and wonderful, so maybe this is a good thing...