Point Blank: The Club - IGN talk with Bizarre Creations about its newest game

The Club looks to grab gamers with a fast-paced arcade approach to shooters. Designed from a third-person perspective and using quick mechanics and fluid gameplay design, Bizarre hopes to reel gamers in with the Club's broad appeal and then keep them coming back with its addictive pace, progression scheme and perhaps a few beers after a night at the pub. The Club debuted at E3 2006 behind closed doors at a very early stage. This interview was actually push back a few weeks because Bizarre wanted to show off the latest look at the game with fresh screenshots.

IGN spoke with Bizarre Creations' Nick Davies, design manager, and Matt Cavanagh, lead designer, about The Club to get a better feel and look at the shooter. New details and first in-game screenshots.

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BubblesDAVERAGE4266d ago

Is this game only on ps3...would be great if it was ?

ChaosKnight4266d ago

Yeah, it's for the 360 as well (always has not to mention at the end of the interview where they ask:

"Can you give us some examples of the game's Xbox 360 Achievements?" =P )

Anyways It looks pretty cool! visuals I do think could go through another coat of paint, but the concept is interesting ;)

power of Green 4266d ago

What happend to it, it looked much better in past pics are these taken from the PS3?...

DJ4266d ago

Damn, your little smear campaigns are relentless.

Spud0064266d ago

This is also coming out for the 360.
Same article is in the 360 section.

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The story is too old to be commented.