Backseat Gamers: A Global Epidemic - Editorial

From the PlanetXbox360 feature article:

"I write about video games on a daily basis, and they're my passion in life. With that said, it's no wonder that most of my time is spent conversing about video games with my friends. It's always a potpourri of mixed opinions. Some will agree completely with my views, and then there are my other friends who are happy to agree to disagree as long as our debates are cordial. It's quite the healthy mix of conversation, and I'm grateful to have such an outlet with which to discuss the things that are most important in my life. That's one of the reasons I have chosen to blog, as well as mingle at other community sites. I value others' opinions regarding my own in gaming, and it's fun to chat. It's also a great pastime of mine to talk strategies and to game while on the phone or chatting with friends. While doing this over the years, a type of person has reared their ugly, obnoxious head: the backseat gamer."

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Valkyrie833796d ago

It's so funny that you post this editorial today, this past weekend I had an extreme issue with a "backseat gamer" while playing the new Ghostbusters game; it was soooo annoying and too funny; thanks for the great feature!

mastiffchild3795d ago

I don't think I'vee actually come across many "backseat gamers" myself-and certainly NOT because all my mates think I'm a God of games either. No-I'm averageness personified I'm afraid.

But, and I hope this isn't important and I just happen to be lucky enough to have extra special friends, I am a guy. Knowing that gamers aren't always the most "new age" people U wonder iof the writer gets this unwanted help because she's a she-as some less than PC gamers might be of the opinion that "girls cannot possibly be as competent a gamer as we are"-I hope I'm way of the mark but am at a loss to explain, why, otherwise I haven't really seen any "backseat gaming" in my 30 years of play.

UltimaEnder3796d ago

I have to agree on the "backseat gamer" epidemic that is sweeping the globe, I find most are actually PS3 owners because everytime I play a PS3 game someone seems to disagree with the style in how I am completing levels.....either way great article!

poopface13795d ago

Im the opposite. I always hated people who ask you about every little thing when playing a game. I usually hate explaining to people how to play video games for some reason.

Tony P3795d ago

I used to be a backseat gamer too because I knew a lot about games. I could write a faq for something like Xenogears or Chrono Cross from memory right now. But I soon figured out that no one likes a smart ass.

hoplo3794d ago

Back seat gamers can be annoying, only if they don't agree with you! haha