Southern Piracy

Gabriel Lievano @ Gamasutra: "Game publishers and developers try to solve the problem of piracy by implementing complex DRM technologies in order to make it more difficult for the software pirates. This approach could be useful if it represented a solution to a problem but maybe the whole piracy subject has been overlooked. Maybe the problem are not some people trying to get a game for free just because they want to save some money (after all who doesn't want to save money?), but perhaps is about the conditions given to the people who wish to purchase a game. Software piracy is a very serious problem in South America, maybe some notes about what is happening here could reveal an insight of what piracy is all about.

A long time ago when I was 12 years old I lived in a small city in Colombia. At that time it was completely impossible to find almost any game you wanted and you had two options: Ask someone in the US to bring the game to you or travel to Bogotá (The capital city of Colombia) and try to find it there. The first choice was not always available and the second had a number of inconveniences. The first inconvenience was that traveling to Bogotá alone is not something any 12 year old aged child can do and however if you were older you had to be really dying for a particular game in order to travel just for that. The other inconvenience was that you simply couldn't find the game there either."

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