Moore: EA Sports MMA Targeting Fighters' Image Rights

Following the major success of THQ's UFC 2009 game, EA Sports head Peter Moore says his newly-announced EA Sports MMA title will sign fighters with image rights available.

The rise of mixed martial arts as a sport over the last few years has been significant, and Moore's announcement of EA Sports MMA at this year's E3 means the sport will join titles like Madden, Tiger Woods and FIFA on the EA Sports label.

However, UFC owners Zuffa also control MMA leagues like the WEC and the now defunct Pride, as well as a large majority of famous fighters -- leaving it unclear which MMA stars would be able to sign for Electronic Arts' title.

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skip2mylou3796d ago

man to bad none was smart enough to do this like 2 years ago

OC_MurphysLaw3796d ago

Maybe they will try and sign Tapout or one of the other no name UFC clones. Biggest problem is ...its not UFC.

Stationfan3796d ago

Fedor!!!, would be cool if they add the Fight Night Round 4 engine to this game, i find it more impressive As the one in UFC, simply because its more polished because they are constantly working on it every other year.

Or even that backbreaker game EA is working on, if they Add the Euphoria engine this will be pure win, the ironic part about all this is That EA is so used to having the rights to every game that other games had to use made up teams and players.

Now karma took its place and they are the ones stuck with imaginary league and players.

housegroove763796d ago

Fedor would be a win for a lot of MMA fans. I know lots would buy this just for him being in it. Of course EA could go after some of the Japanese promotions such as K-1 (I know K-1 is more kickboxing, but it has some really good fighters)if they wanted.