Gamasutra Interview: Majesco's Wii-Only GoPlay Brand & Motion Control For Families

Back in 2006, Majesco was in poor form. High-profile core-focused games like Psychonauts, Advent Rising, and Phantom Dust, while lauded by critics and pockets of gamers, were being relatively unsuccessful at retail.

The situation became so bad at Majesco that in early 2006, the company made a drastic move, pulling out of the high-budget, high-priced gaming market after posting fiscal 2005 losses of $71 million. Majesco would now focus on value and handheld titles.

But while Edison, New Jersey-based Majesco still doesn't rank anywhere near the largest publishers like Electronic Arts, Activision Blizzard, THQ or the like, since that fateful shift in strategy, the game maker has found its niche, focusing on lower-priced games for tweens, teens, and women.

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