Killzone 3 is in development

PS3Hype writes: 'A few day's ago there was an small gaming event in Amsterdam where people from the Dutch developer studio's where talking about gaming. On this event one of the developers from Guerrilla Games (Killzone 2), said something about Killzone 3.'

UPDATE: I'm trying to get a video with subtitles online!


We are back online. Sorry for the downtime.

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Stryfeno23870d ago (Edited 3870d ago )

Umm, why?

MGOelite3870d ago

funny i said the same about halo 3 and gow2

dustgavin3870d ago

Patchstation is asking why there has to be so many amazing PS3 titles being released. Either that or he his asking why he wasted his money on a 360.

LarVanian3870d ago

Because Sony likes getting great 1st party games out for PS3 owners. Unlike MicroSoft who like getting timed 3rd party exclusives out for 360 owners.

-x.Red.x-3870d ago

what!? another AAA exclusive?

oh noes


yes why indeed..

Stryfeno23870d ago

Yes, look at all those disagree I get by just asking a simple question. LOL. Plus, no-one answered it.

The gaming GOD3870d ago (Edited 3870d ago )

Nobody (except LarVanian, and I don't even know why he bothered lol) answered it because it was a stupid question. Why does ANY company continue to make games. And in case you want to try to pull the sales and profit card, KZ2 is well over a million seller and has made profit.

Plus given the fact that you're a WELL KNOWN troll in PS3 and/or Sony news you're prone to disagrees

And if you actually paid attention, you'd notice LarVanian did answer you stupid question

Stryfeno23870d ago (Edited 3870d ago )

And yes I do own the game for those who is PMing me. He did not answer my question.

Man_of_the_year3870d ago (Edited 3870d ago )

Well i may not agree with patchstations name....i ask myself the same question "why". KZ2 is SOny's first party flagship. yet it has sold only around 2 million units. There are currently around 23 million PS3's out there. 2 million for a flagship title is not good. Say it as you may, but it is not a great return on profit when considering the game took 5 years to develope (creation of engine is included in the 5 years). Now with the engine already completed, it won't take as long to develope another kZ usining the engine. In this case the cost for Development will be reduced, however, with only around 2 million KZ2's sold....there isn't as much of a fanbase for the franchise for when KZ3 comes out.

Disagree as much as you want but that is a valid point.

Consoldtobots3870d ago

ok I'll bite

because only in the mind of xbots is this game a "failure" in any way shape or form. I remember you turd-jockeys were even predicting the end of the franchise because it didn't sell 10 million copies in its first week. fanboys........can't live with em, can't stop their moms from putting their pic on the back of a milk carton.

KZ2ninepointFLOP3870d ago

Why o' Why they making another one of me? I flop hard and my sequel is just another disaster.

You bought an Xbox3870d ago

Some of the Numptys above Bought an Xbox !!!
Ha Ha !!!
Looooosers !!!

rucky3870d ago (Edited 3870d ago )

Just goes to show how dumb you xbots are when you mock Sony sales huh

talltony3870d ago

Since the engine is up and running and the development time is slashed in half. Maybe they can spend more money on the actual advertisments now?

The gaming GOD3870d ago (Edited 3870d ago )

Where are you getting this "KZ2 took five years" nonsense? Killzone 2 was developed in 3 1/2 years. Not five.

Killzone 1 isn't even a FULL five years old considering KZ1 wasn't completed until November 2004. So I'd love to see the facts on this "KZ2 took 5 or more years" that you all keep trying to spout

-MD-3870d ago

Didn't they lose their ass on Killzone 2? Why bother making a 3rd?

Wasn't it 60 million to make and they sold less than 2 million copies?

karan86243870d ago

Easy question. Its because Killzone 2 was a great game and a huge success. Everybody wants a sequel, so Sony listened to their fans and now... Killzone 3

Its a straightforward answer, I dont know why anybody above me didnt say it.

Man_of_the_year3870d ago

I agree. Like i said since the engine is already developed then ya they will save money on the Dev time and ya we will see if Sony will actually advertise KZ3...however i saw more advisertisments for KZ2 then i saw for Halo Wars, actually i didn't see a single Halo Wars commercial.

@The gaming GOD - the game itself took around 3 years to make, the ENGINE to MAKE the game took an additional 2. Thats 5 years to create i had previously stated. And as stated before, now that the engine is already completed, the dev time will be quicker and thus less expensive. The cost of Developing KZ2 was $60 million.

The gaming GOD3870d ago (Edited 3870d ago )

Creating the game itself and an engine are two different things. You can't tally the game engine cost into that because the engine isn't for KZ2 ALONE. If it was for JUST KZ2 then you'd have an argument. And again, how do you figure it took an additional 2 years to make the engine? As I said before KZ1 isn't even 5 years old. Which means at best the engine was made during the creation of KZ2.

Unless of course, you have some sort of link to say that KZ2's engine was made even before the release of KZ1 to disprove that.

Besides, you even just said it yourself, "The game itself too 3 years." An engine is an engine. A game is a game.

The gaming GOD3870d ago

He was answered TWICE ALREADY.

Look at replies 1.17 and 1.3.

I think some of you are just looking for a fanboy like answer so you can rant about it. Just because it's not the answer you want doesn't mean it's not an answer

LeonSKennedy4Life3870d ago


Killzone 2 got incredible reviews, incredible sales, incredible feedback from the customers, and continues to be one of the top selling-points for the PS3.

It has converted many COD4 loyalists also. It's amazing!

The campaign could have been longer, but for what it was, it pulled it off pretty well.

Man_of_the_year3869d ago

"Killzone 2 got incredible reviews" - I agree

"incredible sales" - I disagree. 5 years and 60 million dollars later, 2 million sold copies is not acceptable for a game of this stature.

"incredible feedback from the customers" - only AFTER the patch for the aiming. And most of the "feedback" was from fanboys.

"and continues to be one of the top selling-points for the PS3" - I disagree as look at the sales of the game, it is CLEARLY not one of the top selling-points for the PS3.

"The campaign could have been longer, but for what it was, it pulled it off pretty well" - I disagree. The game was perfect for Co-op which it did not have, no attachment to the main character, and the dialoge was terrible.

KZ2 is a great game there is no doubt about it, however the points that you have mentioned I think are the wrong points to have used to sell the idea of this game. You have taken most of the negative points and put a Fanboy spin on them to make them sound positive to the unaware gamer looking for a game.

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Jamie Foxx3870d ago

can you imagine the graphical leap, i didnt think uncharted could be bettered but look at uncharted 2

shocky163870d ago

I'm sure Killzone 3 will looks fantastic. :)

Syronicus3870d ago

There are haters in the midst of us. People who call themselves gamers but are simply fanboys. Sheep in wolves clothing that is. Cowards that won't rebuttal with words but simply hit disagree when somebody simply states fact. As if Killzone 3 would not look any better than the second one. It is history that games get better in terms of graphics, not worse.

I can't wait to see what they do with KZ3, it will look amazing.

D4RkNIKON3870d ago

Killzone 2 was a first generation build for the PS3, meaning that this was the very first PS3 game that Guerilla games has ever made. I can only imagine what they could do, using the KZ2 engine to do another PS3 game. Now that they know more about what they are doing, this is epic news! it won't take them 5 years to produce this time either!!

Darkeyes3870d ago

Well judging the way KZ2 ended, a sequel was bound to happen. Boy, just imagine now people are saying that UC2 looks breathtaking and blows competition... Same things were said about KZ2 a few months back. Guess KZ3 will be even better looking than UC2 whoo hoo...

The one feature I want in KZ3 is playing as a Helghast soldier. Maybe create a separate campaign for both ISA and Helgast soldier (optional like Infamous) or even better Sev realizes that ISA is unreasonable and joins the Helghan.... I can see it The Darth Vader mask being put on Sevs face in slow mo.....

Next E3's bomb shell can be KZ3.

Beast_Master3870d ago

Wow 2011 is shaping up to be big now as well with KZ3, Agent, Infamous 2 and probably the Last Guardian, (could be a 2010 release).

locos853870d ago

So Killzone 3 for March 2011. I still hope that we are able to kill Helghast easier. I don't like having to unload almost a whole clip for them to die, when you shoot them in the body. Do they wear some special kind of body armor?

Lifendz3870d ago

but that's expected with the PS3. I can't wait to see where they go in the story. The ending of KZ2 left me, and probably most of u, in suspense for the 3rd one. I love the gritty metallic feel to the stages but I think if Guerilla threw in a jungle type stage it would be beautiful.

I'm sure this is true. Expect KZ2 sales, and many other PS3 exclusives, to go up dramatically following a price cut.

Darrius Cole3870d ago

Add Final Fantasy Versus XIII to that list.

MriownBOTH3870d ago

graphics were simply amazing...lets hope they make the online game play better

MAR-TYR-DOM3870d ago

they can implement more controller settings. Like one for classic killzone and one for noobs like me, controls like COD and BF BC with auto aim :) i suck though online thats why im complaining.

HQLocated1113870d ago

I love Killzone 2 but I hate the maps. They all feel too small. The maps need to be BIG like Battlefield Bad Company (or like the desert map on Killzone 2). All the maps feel too small for 32 players.

D4RkNIKON3870d ago

Use the control settings (Alternative 2). The button layout is exactly like COD, that is what I use because to me, there is nothing better. I have been playing COD since the beginning ;)

Raf1k13870d ago

I think there's a reason why the maps are like that.

There's a crap load of processing going on in the background to get the game looking the way it does. Bigger maps would mean more processing power is needed.

I can't wait for the next Killzone game but in terms of graphics I wana be realistic. Will the graphics be better? Definitely but I'd have to be pretty optimistic to say they'd be worlds better.

gaffyh3870d ago

@1.6 - Yes they do.

@1.2 - Please don't call those retards out, when they start talking you can't make them stop.

himdeel3870d ago for sure this time.

xwabbit3870d ago

the only thing i want on kz3 is a better ranking system

darthv723870d ago

No offense to anyone but I lost interest in the 2nd one after only a few hours. Tried the online and ranked up a level but havent played it since a week after it came out.

I am expecting 3 to hold my interest cause 1 and 2 just didnt. Nice gfx but that is all I saw. Resistance (IMO) has a better overall story and I have been playing both 1 and 2 until 3 comes out.

Ju3870d ago (Edited 3870d ago )

There's plenty to do in KZ2. Go for a trophy hunt. They all look doable, except I am stuck on getting Radec killed on Elite, and 1 kill away from the 0 death (still Radec), but I got Radec in 1:30, at least. These 3 alone should keep you busy for a while.

BTW: I think the shooting is pretty realistic. You don't need to empty a clip to kill the Helgast in Easy - Elite, well, yeah, that may take a bit (and is damn hard - without an MG). But there are still 1 shot kills with a well placed head shot, or two shots: first helmet, second head ("Melon Popper" is awesome).

Oh, to add a line to be on topic. Its obvious they are working on KZ3. They mentioned already that they have worked on the engine for this TV commercial/tech demo, like real dynamic reflections in water and such. Fluid dynamics can't hurt either (well, not really needed in a desert). There's room for improvements. I like that they started right away without wasting any time. But still, I hope they don't rush that out and try to be "over creative" again to break the good in the game (happens sometimes - don't fix what ain't broken).

himdeel3870d ago (Edited 3870d ago )

...there is a lot to do in the single player game if you enjoy the game. I still haven't beaten the game on veteran but have only played it on that difficulty. I could easily lower the difficulty and beat the game but refuse to do that :) Whether you want to get all the emblems, intel, or trophies I feel like there is plenty to do in Killzone 2. I've also gotten back into the campaign to try and get through levels without dying.

Now with Killzone 3 the things I'd wish they'd include is local and online co-op. I'd like some larger open levels to really get that chance to use the sniper rifle. I'd also appreciate a level or two that is a more stealthy level or has the option to go the stealthy route. A slight upgrade on the melee and the ability to grab an enemy and use them as a shield would be cool. I like the controls just fine and enjoy them them a smidge more with the precision mode. I did try to play on alternative 2 mode but switched back to standard controls and have gotten use to them just fine.

I've enjoyed K2 and it's a game that I know I can enjoy every time I boot it up. I really enjoy the new multiplayer maps. Definitely worth getting.

ChrisGTR13870d ago

lol yea thanks for the news.... now we have another 3-5 years to wait just like the first one.

JBaby3433870d ago

Don't be an idiot hater. The engine is made now. Development with be much quicker and still look better than KZ2.

D4RkNIKON3870d ago

No, they will use the KZ2 engine for Killzone 3 and it won't take them nearly as long. They built the KZ2 engine from the ground up and they wont be simply using it for one game.

edgeofblade3870d ago (Edited 3870d ago )

For all those of you who seem more clueless, people are disappointed that Killzone 2 has already taken a backseat to so many other good games.

Killzone 2 was a great game. I know, I played it. But it wasn't the second coming, despite examining the evidence plastered inside the shorts of fanboys. It was good... just leave it at that.

But when you get such a dense release schedule of first party games, did you ever think one game might cannibalize players from another game? Yes, you can have too much of a good thing, and too many good game releases too close together actually is WORSE for the sales and likewise for the user communities. That is, unless you have the holiday season to increase your sales bandwidth.

solidt123870d ago

I wonder were the story will go next?

cmrbe3870d ago

True you can use alt 2 but i find the default settings much better as you are able to use the cover system better with it.

The cover system is extremely important when playing at the elite level.

Orange3870d ago

wasn't it a success? 2 million copies @ $60 is $120 million by my math. if it made anything over the budget, then GG's developers get to keep putting food on their tables and doing what they love. i'm sure they're pretty happy.

chidori6663870d ago

killzone 3 ...

My dreams became reality. *-*

sniper-squeak3870d ago

if FF or MGS have gone multi-platform... Playstation has many amazing games that will be the future exclusive frachises for good! :)

evrfighter3870d ago (Edited 3870d ago )

"$60 is $120 million by my math. if it made anything over the budget"

Don't forget all distributors, retail stores, cost of physical media (shouldn't be more than a buck iirc) advertising, the publisher, shipping costs.

they don't see the full $60 returned. Not even sure if they see half that. The only time they'll see almost all profits is if their going the Digital Distribution route. a game that sells 500k copies on steam probably makes more in profit than a game that sells 2 mil boxed copies.

Xbox Avatars Shoe3870d ago (Edited 3870d ago )

Can you even imagine what the graphics will look like? Probably something like the KZ2 intro, in other words real!

SinnedNogara3870d ago

Killzone 3 will dominate 2011. I really want to see a epic trailer like at E3 06 (it was 06 right?).

Hopefully they add co-op.

And some more weapons.

Anyway, Killzone 2 was AMAZING. I did try to make a review, but nobody read it.

nycredude3870d ago

Damn I don't know about you. Sometimes I think you are a 360 fanb0y and sometimes I think you are a hater. SOmetimes I think you are both but now i think you are just an idiot. Now you are complaining Sony is stupid for releasing too many games too close together?

JUst stick to the xbox and you won't have that kind of "problem".

The Lazy One3870d ago

The graphics are great as is aside from a few minor ground textures here and there. Chances are they'll try to up performance.

Dedicate more processing power to physics, player counts, and AI I think. Maybe bigger draw distances, but I think those 3 would make the game a lot better than worrying about upping the graphics in any major way. Maybe to support megatextures or some more efficient texturing method, but the lighting was great, the models were great, the animation was great, the environments were good.

Headshot813870d ago

Guerrilla Games are some of the most talented devs alongside naughty dog,SCE Studios Santa Monica, sucker puch, insomniac, kojima, Polyphony Digital,Evolution Studios,Media Molecule. You gotta be kidding me!, they'll be dishing out over 20 HIGH QUALITY games GUARANTEED!!!!, You can't get high caliber games like these anywhere else! I think ill go watch a Bluray on my HDTV @ 120hz(pops open 007: quantum of solace).

Tarasque3870d ago

This is great news, now they have the engine made they can work on delivering a good single player experience this time around.

Ju3870d ago

"Dedicate more processing power to physics, player counts, and AI I think." - That doesn't make sense. The destruction physics, hit response (anim+physics), number of players(MP)/NPCs(SP) and the AI (Elite!) are pretty much unmatched anyhow. Draw distance is graphics.

What I'd hope is a different environment. Back to KZ1 with jungle, desert and/or snowy mountains. And improved visuals. Better character models (yeah, I admit, they look a bit creepy) and maybe subtle improvements here and there. UC2 water simulation! (full reflective depth, and close shaders for wet pants :)

y0haN3870d ago

I know I am gonna get disagreed to infinity, but I didn't finish the KZ2 single player, it didn't interest me enough to continue :(. The multiplayer was good though.

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Myst3870d ago

Well I think --

*Turns aside and hears the sound of a stampede approaching and simply moves aside*

Anyway, I think it would have started production by now. More than likely shouldn't/won't this one be released a bit faster than Killzone 2? Being that the engine is already done and I'm sure their probably going to make a heavy graphical leap again as well as add some things into the multiplayer section to make it even better than the one we are presented with now.

prunchess3870d ago

As the credits rolled at the end and the "Special Thanks" section came up, Guerrilla Games got a mention for their assistance. (Insomniac and others also)

At this point in the current gen it bodes well for us gamers when developers like Naughty Dog and Guerrilla collaborate!

I expect REALLY BIG improvements in KZ 3.

The only criticisms I'd have of KZ 2 is the ranking system was too short and the game deserved more weapons.

An absolutely stunning game though!

yoghurt3870d ago

I think it was in the 'controllable 4d video' that you could download of the PSN, where they said they have already got new and better ways of doing things, I think one of the things he said was real-time reflections etc...

spandexxking3870d ago

as much as like KZ2 i had to laugh when they said they still had to add real-time reflections, we've only had that in other games for like like what, ten years???

Mu5afir3870d ago

We haven't had many games with real-time reflections. I think Uncharted had real-time reflections on water. But I think Gurrila is talking about real-time reflections on anything that shines and can reflect light.

spandexxking3870d ago

so games like Max Payne and prey(where you can see yourself in a mirror) arent using real-time reflections? *i'm actually asking a question, not trying to be an ass.

Mu5afir3870d ago

No, they are controlled reflections.. Like Uncharted had reflections on Water. Max Payne etc.. had refection on Glass. But that's not the only thing that reflects light. The key here is light reflection, it doesn't have to be a visible image.

Think about a waxed dance floor. That reflects light.

spandexxking3870d ago

so kinda like GT5P where you can see the markings of the track and other cars on your car?