No pricedrops? Xbox 360 now $350!

"Some vague rumors circulated recently stating the Xbox 360 would drop up to $100 USD by Christmas this year to battle its arch-nemesis the PayStation 3. Xbox marketing big wig John Porcaro shot them rumors down quite effectively on the team's weblog, but someone forgot to inform Dell. Yep that's right, the world's largest reseller of computer hardware is offering the Xbox 360 Premium SKU for $359.99 on their site. Free ground shipping.

Marriot VP6187d ago (Edited 6187d ago )

Wait a second, it's still at 400

PS360PCROCKS6187d ago

nice wish I waited till now, lol

TheMART6187d ago

Me not, I had 7 months of fun and hours of great gameplay for only 50 euro's. Go two times to the boxoffice to see a movie and you lost that amount of money also. For only 5 hours of fun max :)

TheMART6187d ago

All you that are waiting and for the PSZero. Now you have next gen gaming right here right now. For almost half the investment you'll have to make for a Premium PSZero.

Get over your fanboïsm. Go get that 360. So you'll be able to play Killzone 2 CGI but then in realtime this Christmas with Gears of War. Jump In. Now for only 350 dollars @ Dell

Marriot VP6187d ago

umm, perhaps that was a dell error cause it says it's still 400

TheMART6187d ago

Yup it seems like they changed it right back... Or maybe they are going to in the near future, but did it too soon... Well at maybe some ex-Sony fanboys have ordered it blindly even for 399 dollars now so they're saved after all gnegne

zonetrooper56187d ago

well in england the price has fallen for the premium pack, from £280 to £250 which is so much cheaper. but i already have one and is waiting for GOW, H3, FEAR etc

Alexander6187d ago

Where can youg et them for £250, my friends getting his soon and that would be lush for him, another game basically...

TheMART6187d ago

Well it was an error for as long as it last. Some people got lucky for 350 dollars at least!

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