Need for Speed: Shift vs. Forza 3: Graphics comparison

Which racing game has the best graphics? Forza 3 or Need for Speed: Shift? According to Shift's Patrick Soderland, Senior Vice President & Group General Manager European Studios, NFS: Shift has the best graphics, of course. Maybe, until Forza Motorsport 3 will be released. Under the following link you can find several screenshots, showing a graphics comparison between Need for Speed: Shift and Forza 3.

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Snoops the Sniggerin5499d ago

Everything else looks on par with Forza 3.

shocky165499d ago

It's going to be the best racing game this gen along with the best driving simulator this gen, GT5 :)

The kings of racing return.

jromao5499d ago

Even with the blur added in SHIFT for the motion the photos shows better lightning in SHIFT. If SHIFT physics and gameplay are good then we will have better game on that fields than Forza.

Mu5afir5499d ago

If you don't believe me.. watch the trailer:

And tell me, you can do half of that in real life.

chrisnick5499d ago (Edited 5499d ago )

seems to me all the cars in forza are shiny as hell. maybe its the time of day or something, watching both side by side though, is like.....the difference between gta4 and saints row2.(as far as shine is concerned.

uhhh......Mu5afir, it is possible, just not in those cars, and not at those speeds.

Mu5afir5499d ago (Edited 5499d ago )

Unless they are controlled stunts.. they are NOT possible in real life. You can't turn a car 180 degrees and keep the same momentum. It's an abomination to physics. Try taking a toy car.. move it on a straight line. Then turn it 180 degrees as you keep moving forward. You will notice resistance. You won't be able to keep momentum and move the car around 180. That is why we only see these stuff on HOLLYWOOD movies. Because they are controlled stunts. FAKED.

Nothing against Forza, but the game is supposed to be a SIM right?

chrisnick5499d ago (Edited 5499d ago )

but uhhh


just watch the first minute. nowhere near as ridiculous as f3 but still doable.

St05499d ago

I'd say NFS:shift has better lighting and reflections, but Forza 3 has more polygons. i'll get both though, and GT5 when it's out

JOLLY15499d ago (Edited 5499d ago )

Yo! you say those stunts can't be performed, yet you say stunt men can do them. So, by your logic, stuntmen are real and their stunts aren't grounded in real physics. Nice!!! I guess Toyota's defy physics also. Astin Martin's have way worse handling than Toyotas. On a side note, that was a cool video Chris.

Jamaicangmr5499d ago

I know you got what he is saying and are only being difficult. However similar stunts are possible but only with specialized cars built for those. Even then stunts like the 180 at that speed with no effect to momentum is simply impossible as that defies the laws of physics.

It's even in the stunt video that Chris posted when the person was doing the 180 the guy tailing had to slow down to compensate for the drop in forward momentum. Now look at the forza 3 video and there is no slowing down it was done seemlessly and there in lays the problem that Mu5 was talkin about.

JOLLY15499d ago (Edited 5499d ago )

Yes, and in the Forza video, it was sped up to make it look like it was going faster than it was. There are tons of videos just like this on the internet. One thing I think everyone here misses is the pivot point. That is how it looks like it is still going the same speed. The front end stops and the back end goes twice as fast (yes, I realize a little less than twice). That makes the car behind have to speed up to close the gap. That is why the vid was sped up.

Nelson M5499d ago (Edited 5499d ago )

Or should i say Flopza

Flopza 3 looks like a Boring Drive in the Countryside on a Very Dull and Dank Day

hay5499d ago (Edited 5499d ago )

Both games look sweet but I prefer to see how it looks and plays on my TV than on static screenshots and/or scripted trailers.

Edit: Can anyone send me a link with Forza 3 screenie with c0ckpit view with hands on wheel? Thanks in advance ;]

really duh5499d ago (Edited 5499d ago )

Disagree? trying to compare NFS shift with forza with tiny screenshots. All the forza 3 content we've seen is from a old build anyways LMAO

I love how the tiny screenshots from that site make the cocpit views from both of the games seem on par.

JokesOnYou5499d ago

Why the small pics? lol,

They both look amazing but Forza3's poly count is superior= Forza3 looks better, now after that I can't speak for NFS gameplay/physics but Forza3 is undoubtedly an improvement over Forza2's awesome gameplay, add more custimization, even better features, more tracks, more authentic cars and the answer is clear= Forza3 will leave NFS:Shift in the dust.


really duh5499d ago (Edited 5499d ago )

http://www.youtube.com/watc... Was that suppose to be a smart ass slam?

Leathersoup5499d ago

If looks were all that counted, Megan Fox would be president...

Tarasque5499d ago

Well this just show's fanboys will go to great lengths to justify nonsense. Well obviously you have not played Forza 1 or 2, cause neither game are you able to do that. You buy into this fanboy crap on this site and believe udder sh1t and think it is the truth. It is a pre-rendered scene my god.

popup5499d ago

If these Forza 3 shots are all taken in 'photo mode' then what is there to compare here?

uie4rhig5499d ago

thats CG mate.. physics aint like that..

beardpapa5499d ago

Hate to break it to you but it's been said by T10's forza community forum that the E3 trailer you have on that youtube link is prerendered CGI.


And you guys gotta check out some youtube vids of Shift interior view. It's pretty amazing. Looks more exciting than Forza. Physics-wise I don't know.