Telltale: Guybrush 'is a great character' for Natal

Guybrush Threepwood, the quick-witted bumbling pirate from classic point and click adventure series Monkey Island, would be "a great character" for Microsoft's Project Natal, developer Telltale has said.

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green3796d ago

It's good to see 3rd party devs excited about Natal.Seems like there will be enough 1st and 3rd party support for it when it's released.

Ghoul3796d ago

HANDS OFF guybrush

ffs you dont need to recycle everything microsoft

MAKE YOUR OWN IP AND CHARACTERS. im so incredibly bored by ms buying everything. Monkey island is a classic that shouldntbe touched for something like natal. seriously.

Pizzagaki3796d ago

Sounds good :D
Point and click adventures can become as popular as they where during the 80ies, if thanks to Natal, the player can interact with everything on the screen, with emotions, sound and movement.

Point an click games always had a lot of puzzles, imagine how cool a puzzle would be if it has sound and movement incorporated.

dj555555553796d ago (Edited 3796d ago )

dont stuff up monkey island buy squeezing it on a dvd, and microsoft have along way to go before this happens as at E3 the motion controller was described as laggy and inaccurate. If you disagree please explain why

Pizzagaki3796d ago (Edited 3796d ago )

I disagree, because the motion controller we saw on E3 wasnt final.
Or are you telling me that ps3 owners will get a pink buttplug when they buy their motion controller ?

At least Natal is finished in terms of hardware, They just have to tweak the drivers to get better response time.
Sony still has to finalize the hardware.

dj555555553796d ago (Edited 3796d ago )

well that pink buttplug has perfect 1:1 motion tracking and since when has it stopped microsoft in releasing somthing that isnt finished.

Pizzagaki3796d ago

MS isnt known for releasing unfinished stuff.
If you are reffering to Vista, that wasnt unfinished, it was simply badly designed.

MS made plenty of good designs.
You are simply biased.

dj555555553796d ago

360 1 in 3 falure rate. I would say thats unfinished
Zune, didnt work
Vista barly worked
and Natal will probably be rushed out as sony already has the motion tracking and depth perception camera that you can interact with game characters on screen.

Pizzagaki3796d ago

360 with Jasper

See what i did there.

And its sony who has to rush, because A, the hardware isnt finished yet, and B its an addon for the eyetoy, which by itself is an addon as well.

The 360 will have build in Natal.

dj555555553796d ago (Edited 3796d ago )

360 when released broken (Jasper has sill has got a high failure rate that microsoft has passed the cost on to the customer to fix)
Zune when released broken
Windows vista when released broken

The eyetoy works fine, ever played the eye of judgement you interact directly with the characters on the screen, so sony only has the motion controller to perfect and with 1:1 motion capture in the development stage I would say that’s near completion.

Morbid Bulldozer3795d ago

People who played with Natal say it actually works. According do several sites, "Natal Burnout" has no lag and is very precise. Sony didn't let people use their dildos, so you have to take their word that it's working. For all we know, their presentation could be 100% smoke-and-mirrors. So you have regular people that actually tried Natal vs. Sony's word. Yeah, tough choice, isn't it?

On top of that, Sony is rushing the hell out of their dildos. They are behind Natal as far as development goes, but they want to release it first. Why do I say they are lagging behind? First of all, it wasn't ready to let people get a hands-on with it. Second, while MS sends Natal devkits to developers, Sony sends vague "specs". Which one's further ahead - the one that is shown to people and sent to developers, or the one that had a rushed presentation and no hands-on or full specs for anybody?

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threepy3796d ago

Of course if a Monkey Island game is ever exclusive to the 360 and doesn't comeo ut on PC...I may have to kill someone.

Can't wait for Tales of Monkey Island either. Not long to go.

SpoonyRedMage3796d ago

It'll most likely be PC too, Natal is PC compatible I think. There was a demo with someone using it on their laptop.

Rockers DeIight3796d ago

For a moment I thought it said "Gaybrush", but I wasn't paying attention. It does sound good, though :] I can't wait for Natal.

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