The PS3's Easiest Platinum Trophies

Nofi from TheSixthAxis writes that "trophies, whilst a relatively new aspect of the PlayStation 3, are now ubiquitous. We've talked at length about their appeal in the past and our Trophy List is maintained daily, but if you're just looking to boost your score quickly it's all about the Platinums. But which games have the easiest Platinums? We take a look at five PlayStation 3 games and give you a hassle-free pack of Trophies to select from."

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DarthChris3803d ago

This is just a list of rubbish games

Jamie Foxx3803d ago

and i love the burnout series, cant believe i still havnt bought that game

Lifendz3803d ago (Edited 3803d ago )

In other games there are some trophies that are about impossible to get. See Wipeout HD. Burnout required the purchase of a PS3eye, which I'm glad I got btw, but otherwise all you really needed was to put in time.

I don't know about you guys but I don't want trophies in just any game. Especially if I'm just playing it to get an easy plat. I take some pride in getting trophies in a game I actually like. I'm still working on my Resistance 2 platinum (only 2 away) and Street Fighter 4 is looking like it's not going to happen because I can't do those combo trials. But whatever. I'd rather have an incomplete on those than have a platinum in My Little Pony.

BTW, last trophy getting moment that made me yell for joy was getting my 8th and final ribbon for assassination defend in Killzone 2. Just have to finish the game on Elite and I'll be on easy street for a Killzone 2 plat.

xabmol3803d ago

Good luck on elite. It's a pain in the @ss. Be prepared to spend a few days in hell just on the last level alone. >.<

When you get that platinum though... You'll jump up in the air screaming, "FU*K YEAH!!" I know I did. :D

Lifendz3803d ago

lol. Bro, I had a bish of a time beating that last level on veteran. I know on Elite it's going to be nuts. Radec, like most bosses, wasn't so bad once you learned his pattern. But the wave after wave of guys being thrown at you with virtually no cover was nuts. Especially since I did this before they patched in the High Precision scheme which made my the reticule feel like I had 50 pound weights on my arms. (I know some of you disagree).

I don't think it should be that bad this time. Just take out the rocket guys and camp by the stairwell. Easier said than done I know.

xabmol3803d ago (Edited 3803d ago )

Use your knife to kill the enemies after the stairs open up. I also killed Radec with the knife. (>.0)

And try not to throw your controller.

STONEY43803d ago

Vasari Palace on Elite almost made me break my controller, mostly on the outside part when I kept killing the ATAC with the granade launcher and dying soon after by some random Helghast, until I figured out the LMG would take out the ATAC with about half a clip. It took me almost the whole day to beat that level.

locos853803d ago

I beat Killzone 2 last night after the 100 try on that last level when the stairs open up. I ready to take the game outside and run it over a few times. Radec was fairly easy, I killed him on my second try and got the trophy for killing him under 20 minutes. That last level was more frustrating than fun!! why do they do that?

barom3802d ago

Anyone else who's against online trophies? I mean I usually would have no issues with them except for the fact that sometimes there just is not enough people. Currently playing Motorstorm: Pacific Rift and there's rarily anyone playing Casual Races (I need 50 of these). I mean I can still get it but I would have to be VERY patient.

Not that I would've gotten the platinum anyway as one of them is about getting 3 wins in a row in ranked, which is impossible as the only ones who plays are pros (or a large portion of them).

Anyway I just really dislike online trophies unless they're online only games ofc.

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Max Power3803d ago

isn't that easy, while I am sure it is for some. But that damn "yatta!" trophy is the only one giving me a problem. Tried several times just can't seem too be Dr. Robotnik.

Shendow3803d ago

This is way I'm happy I'm from the NES/Genesis Gen, I beated all the Soinc's that was made on a Sega system an own them all to ^-^

MasterChief36243803d ago

These "Easiest Platinum Trophies" lists always come up with the crappiest games...

Yet they also forget to add in the singular 'easiest' Platinum trophy ever: Hannah Montana: The Movie.

ArsArcanum3803d ago

I thought RE 5 was really easy to plat, and thats not a crappy game

Blink_443803d ago

Re5 is very time consuming.

DarthChris3803d ago

Would anyone be really proud about having these in their trophy cabinet though?

bratman3803d ago

i wouldn't be proud of trophies like that... but on the same topic i am proud that i got platinums for both killzone 2 and uncharted this weekend :D

Armyless3803d ago

I am more proud of having games I love at 100% (or Platinum) than crap games that give me away as a gamer with poor taste.

Sangria3803d ago

In my opinion, Uncharted : Drake's Fortune, inFamous and Wolverine Origins are quite easy to get the platinum.
For Uncharted, the hardest to do is to complete the game in the highest difficulty, it will be a pain but the game is not very long, so you just have to hide as much as possible.

For inFamous, you'll have to finish two times the game (with one time in Difficult), print a map with all the collectible shards and fight more in Difficult (because the experience is slower to increase, and one trophy asks you to get all the Famous / inFamous powers) and it's done.

And for Wolverine, the game is really short and easy, finish it two times and you will easily have the platinum. Fallout 3's trophies are also easy to have but it's very long to do, but if you enjoyed Fallout 3, the platinum is an easy quest.

Lifendz3803d ago (Edited 3803d ago )

The hardest part about Infamous, in my opinion, was doing all the stunts. Especially if you only start paying attention to 'em after clearing most of the islands. BTW, how in the bleep was doing all the stunts just a silver? I can understand making you beat the game on hard for a gold but that's it? The blast shards weren't nearly that hard to collect. I was grabbing them from the begging and at the end only had to check the areas on the periphery of the maps to find the last few. I think the Blast Shards and Doing all the Stunts should've been golds. How did Infamous have just one gold trophy when a game like Fight Night has seven?

I still haven't beaten Uncharted on crushing. I'll probably do that after classes end. I'd like to get the plat in that before part 2 comes out.

micro_invader3803d ago

The crushing trophy wasn't that bad. I beat the game on a crushing save file in about 6 hours. Just remember one thing, always aim for the head!

Sangria3803d ago

I made the mistake to complete the territories in Famous whereas i didn't do all the stunts. I had to redo all of them in inFamous side, but some are really hard if you are not Famous, like the one where you have to stick a bomb onto a flying enemy.

On Famous side, that's ok, you have a power that allows you to slow down significantly the enemy's fall, but on inFamous side, you don't have such power, so it wasn't a matter of skill but only luck. I agree, the stunts can be a real pain, however i still had the platinum in 15~20 hours, so it's not really that hard (or at least, not as hard as Wipeou HD).

Lifendz3803d ago

good call. I gave up on getting the plat in that. Especially when on my best day I come no where near making zone 75 or whatever it is. I think I'd have to have a chip in me and connect to my PS3 to do that.

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